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Combating "Old Me" creep

Monday, December 17, 2012

So I've been a little out of my groove this past week. I've been waking up feeling hung over, even if I haven't had anything to drink. My food choices outside of my home have been less than ideal. And I know I'm not moving as much as I should. On the other hand, I've been pretty darned good, too.

But I don't feel good, so it's time to take stock.

I think this week lots of little bits started to add up to some "old me" creeping back in. I was really starting to like the "new me," so this blog is my attempt to think about what I'm doing, and combat the old me creep.

It all started on Weds, when the scale said I'd gained a pound (which, I'm fairly certain, was due to water retention related to my "time of month"). That night was the party I was dreading (the one that actually went quite well).

The party that night opened the door to flavors and ingredients I'd gotten out of my system: white dinner rolls, cheesecake, and wine. Until that night, my system was very clean.

Then, Friday, I helped myself to a cookie (just one) at my knitting party ... before heading to a friend's jewellery party where I had two chocolate mint martinis and a mini meatball sandwich (again, on a white dinner roll).

Saturday, another knitting party, and a spiked eggnog and glass of wine, with a few more cookies.

Sunday, another cookie and slice of pizza at my knitting circle, followed green curry pork at a local Thai restaurant (with brown rice).

Aside from those indulgences, I've been eating pretty well, and I even managed to stay within my nutrition ranges for the most part. On paper, it doesn't look so bad.

In my body, though, it does feel bad. It feels really bad. Taking stock, here's what I reintroduced to my body this week:

* white bread and white flour. For the first 5 weeks, I had substituted lots of other yummy grains for bread, and didn't miss it. After that dinner roll on Wednesday, though, I bought a loaf of multi-grain bread at the farmer's market to eat with my morning veggie/eggs. The bread seems to make me tired.

* sugary desserts. For the first 5 weeks, I had very little sugar, and almost no desserts. Suddenly, this week I started to have one a day, and I wake up every day with a headache. Another SP blogged about having a "sugar hangover" and I think that's been happening to me.

* alcohol. I do enjoy a drink, but I think I've reached a point in my life where 1 will suffice. Just one, to savor and enjoy. I really don't need any more than that. Also, I've had alcohol 3 days this week, where in the previous 5 weeks it was only about once a week. I need to get back to that once a week.

None of this week's little alterations were life-threatening, and none amounted to a binge. But they all added up to a persistent headache and feeling of grogginess. My body is telling me it really prefers the healthier habits I'd embraced in my first month on SP. If my body is going to go to this much trouble to talk to me, I'm going to listen.

Ok! I really don't need the bread and sugar, and I'm fine with one drink, one night a week.

Okay, body? Do we have a deal?

Great ... Onward!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Tis the season.......! Yes, I am changing my eating habits because of parties and being in a rush. I am having more issues with fatigue, anxiety, mild tummy upset and waking up early in AM. I am looking forward to getting back on track ASAP. Have also felt tension because of work deadlines and Christmas craft projects, but that is easing up. Know I just can't go on with the extra stress on top of extra socializing (for me very stressful).
    Need to try to relax, pace myself, and enjoy the holidays. Unfortunately, it gets to a point where I just can't wait for them to be over! Trying not to let that happen this year, but not being overly successful with that.
    1948 days ago
    Hi there. I love that you are listening to your body. You had some things happen that you learned from ~ and that's the important thing, right? There are no mistakes if we learn from them. :) I don't blame you for indulging on Friday, those items sound so yummy. :) Like SparkGuy says, we can indulge ourselves and we deserve it but we need to incorporate it into our food plan. I am right now having a mint hot chocolate because I saved up for it. Like you said, it didn't look all that bad written down but for some reason, we seem to think that we aren't doing anything right unless we are suffering. Old thinking that I, like you, am trying to change. A BIT of sugar, a BIT of white flour but mostly healthy things. I like your idea of having 1 drink a week. I'm also glad that we are on this journey together. emoticon emoticon
    1948 days ago
    Hey there CSAgirl, it sounds like you need a serious detox in your system. And you've learned the lesson. It is good to listen to your body. I hope you do. Although, this is the hardest month of the year for avoid those foods. All the social events in this holiday season doesn't help for healthy eating too. But only one thing I can advice to all of us is.. Even if you've fallen from the wagon, get back in as soon as possible!! You can not even wasting time for getting guilty about it, just get back on again. Then you'll be ok. (^o^))

    Have a safe and productive week.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1948 days ago
    Hey new you. Go put the old new back where she velongs, in the past.
    The first step is always identifying our issues and triggers. THen just moving on from there.
    1949 days ago
    Great blog on taking stock and being truthful with oneself. And balance. Social eating/drinking during a major holiday month (THIS month especially) is the biggest hurdle. It makes me glad to be a bit of a hermit! Sounds like you have a game plan. Good for you!
    1949 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    1949 days ago
    There is a saying- one bite is too much and one thousand bites are never enough...this is addition. I am very familar with addition. If I work with it I can spiral upwards if I give in to it the spiral takes me to the depths of despair and self loathing. It's a daily choice.
    1949 days ago
    Good for you. Listen to your body, get a plan!!That's the way to do it!! Good for you!!!
    1949 days ago
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