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Life Happening = Change of Plans

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Today I was supposed to go to my Mom's house and make Christmas candy. We were also supposed to go to my niece's graduation party since she just graduated from Nursing School. Well, life happened and plans had to change.

It all started last week Saturday when we came home from Black Belt testing to my daughter saying her chest hurt while she was coughing and sniffling, etc. Started her on a nebulizer treatment and her asthma protocol. Then Sunday I woke up with the start of what I thought was my allergies acting up - AGAIN. Since three weeks before that I had an allergy bout for 2 weeks and had one week of being healthy before this started.

By Wednesday I was really having trouble with my asthma so one of the doctors I work for (luckily I work for Pulmonary doctors!) gave me an extra steroid inhaler to get me through the issues. Wednesday night I didn't work out because my husband had his work Christmas dinner so we went to that instead. Thursday, still having issues....came home from work Thursday and did a breathing treatment and was able to get in a workout. Friday, was better but still had to slow down even walking to lunch so one of the other doctors I work for told me I shouldn't do a workout so I didn't. Friday evening we went to Walmart shopping and then went to a friend's surprise 40th birthday party and got home late.

Yesterday I got up early to shower and get ready to go to my cousin's house to make Christmas cookies. Haley was still coughing but nothing out of the ordinary so she and I went on our way. We had a fun day and I finally started feeling better with my breathing even though it wasn't perfect. Haley took a nap at Missy's house and I thought she was just sleeping because we were up late Friday night. Then she got up and helped with some of the cookies and ate lunch and fell asleep again. I was wondering what was up and then when she woke up right before we were leaving for dinner her cheeks were red and her eyes were watery and she looked miserable. She was coughing so I gave her a breathing treatment. She felt hot but we didn't have a thermometer so I gave her some Ibuprofen. She ate diner and we came home.

This morning I took her to urgent care since she still had a fever and my sister, mom and I were worried she may have influenza. They took a swab and started her on Tamiflu. We'll find out the results tomorrow but she is feeling a lot better today so I'm keeping her home from school tomorrow to make sure the fever is really gone. So I decided she wasn't going anywhere and neither was I. I didn't want to get Ken's family sick right before Christmas and with both of us still having breathing issues, we stayed home.

I DID get in a workout today, though, since I've been feeling better and haven't worked out in 2 days but I picked Bob Harper's Totally Ripped Core workout since it had much less cardio than some of the other ones I have so that felt good.

Anyway, that's my experience with life happening and I'm okay with it. Here's to a healthier and better week!
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