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Sunday, December 16, 2012

These last few days for me have been absolutely horrendous when it comes to good eats and exercise. Everything started on friday when I experienced my first ever low blood sugar attack. I have NEVER, EVER, felt so sick in my life. I was sitting in a meeting at work and wasn't feeling well to start with due to TOM, but I was managing okay, until all of the sudden I started sweating. The heat was up too high in the room and I just felt like I was hyperventilating, I could not stop sweating! Then I started to feel like I was going to be sick, so I excused myself from the meeting and practically ran to the bathroom where I did end up vomiting a few times. I thought I would feel better but as soon as I started walking back to the meeting I felt so lightheaded that I literally leaned up against the wall in the hallway feeling like I would faint.

After that I have a hard time remembering what happened! When work called to check in on me this was the report from the RN who grabbed me. The nurse said that she helped me into a chair and asked me what was wrong, when I told her I was feeling lightheaded, nauseated, sweating, hot flashes, etc. She immediately ran to the nurses station and brought me back hershey kisses. I ate them and sat there apparently with my eyes closed while they called my emergency contact, mom, to come pick me up. She said that the other nurse took my blood sugar and said it was low, but that she couldn't remember the number. I left work around 2 that day and pretty much just laid around exhausted the rest of the day. Fiance was super worried about me so made sure that I continued to eat all night, but unfortunately it was all crap like pizza, gyros, etc.

Mom thinks that my attack came from my high amount of sugar at breakfast with all my fruits in my smoothie and then my levels crashed when I hadn't eaten anything else by 1pm. So I have to be more careful to make sure I'm eating something more substantial with my fruit juices and smoothies in the morning, and to make sure I'm having my snack as well.

Since I've only been at my job a short time still I'm not elligible for health insurance just yet. So once I am I'll have blood work done to make sure I'm not diabetic or anything. Until then any suggestions to avoid low blood sugar issues?
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    I used to get that a lot especially when I was ... sorry no other word for it ... especially when I was fat. I was eating all wrong. I was eating a sugary breakfast. I thought it wasn't, but ... peanut butter (lots) and jelly on white bread toast (two pieces) a tall glass of OJ, sometimes even a bowl of sugary cereal. I was eating all wrong. The half way through the morning ... CRASH!! I would almost instinctively require a cakey sweet and a milk when it would happen.

    And it wasn't even my time of the month. Or maybe it was. It's so hard for us men to tell.

    Anyway. Now that my diet is balanced I haven't had an episode in years ... except when I have run my tank empty on a run. But that's why I carry gels.
    1987 days ago
    Oh, is *that* what is happening to me. I get the same thing when I do not eat enough or eat too much protein with no carbs. I am not on low carb, but I try not to eat the white ones, so I am sometimes low. I hope you feel better soon. It can be scary when that happens. I have never fainted, but I feel like I have to lean against a wall. Please take care of yourself.
    1987 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    The same thing happens to my husband ,he is not diabetic but can get low blood sugar. Eat something immediately that has carbs. A piece of fruit or a cereal bar work well. A piece of hard candy or orange juice also works. Remember your symptoms and you will realize quickly what is happening. If you get carbs in your system as so as you start to feel " funky" you can shut down the symptoms and you will feel much better quickly. Don't skip meals and don't skimp on the carbs! Good carbs stay in your system longer and even out your sugar levels for longer. Junk carbs will help raise your glucose level but could send you crashing down before you know it. See a doctor when you get insurance and read up on hypoglycemia(low blood sugar) I think that the right word, google it and check. Good luck!
    1988 days ago
    i'm in agreement with AUDISP, suggesting that you eat more frequently throughout the day to keep your sugar levels stable. and also agree that if you're able, get a check on things sooner rather than later, but the lack of insurance at this point is understandable for your wanting to wait it out a bit. it seems that you have the support of your family which is good. just make sure to make use of your resources and support system and do eat something substantial for breakfast!

    i wish you well and hope that when you're able to get blood work done you hear only good news!
    1988 days ago
    Maybe someone else can address better than I can, but my brother is diabetic and has been since he was twelve. I think (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) smaller, more frequent meals will help keep your blood sugars more even. The other thing, I think is to be careful not just with sweets and sugar, but complex carbohydrates. I'm not a doctor or nurse, so please check with the RN that helped you earlier.
    Also check with her, there may be a clinic where you can go for the blood work that will work with you on a payment plan. I don't think this is something you should wait on.

    If there is anything I said that is not accurate, please Sparkfriends, feel free to correct me.

    Good luck and stay in touch.
    1988 days ago
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