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TTM5: Embark!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

That's transition to maintenance day 5. This is a thought I've had stewing since day 2, but I guess I've had other stuff I wanted to write about more. As I went through this year of developing a healthy lifestyle, I've thought a couple of times that it is like completing a university program in me, my body, and what works. I am learning so much.

Another way it is similar is that it has required a high degree of focus. Healthy lifestyle is kind of like that. You have to make the time and put in the effort each day, though there are not the inflexible dates and deadlines you have with coursework. I went back to school a few years ago but I wound up stopping my coursework after a year because I felt it was taking too much time from my kids. Whereas I can involve my kids in my lifestyle change.

Looking back to when I finished my first bachelor's degree, in linguistics, and I considered graduate school but decided the timing wasn't right, I went out to get a job. And the job I got was of the same sort I could have done without a degree. I think this happens to a lot of people, especially from the humanities, we settle for good enough for right now, and it turns into a career. (I'm not saying people need to be pickier in this job market, this was the mid 90's). Something my husband used to say was "just because you have a job doesn't mean you quit looking," but for me, that was it, the path of least resistance.

And I guess I see this as what can happen when we "graduate" from weight loss. Do we embark on a new life that college was a preparation for, or do we coast along thinking "college sure was fun, but now it's back to real life." Moving from weight loss to maintenance should be like going from training wheels to a real bike.
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