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Plan BE

Sunday, December 16, 2012

It has been a week for backup plans.

Last week, I wrote of my broken computer. A very dear friend of mine who loves me in good times and bad has lent me a laptop for the duration that's better than the one I have now. But it's not MY computer. All those great shortcuts we program in to save time are gone and I have to search for everything. Because my morning time is limited, I've had to reduce my computer usage to only what's most important and eliminate those mindless things that clog up my time. (My computer appears salvageable but it's going to have to go in for repairs, extra money that I don't have right now. I was relieved that I was able to do a backup yesterday. I back up the computer regularly; something I recommend to anyone who will listen. Too much of my life is held in that computer!)

This has been a test of my brain. Passwords to remember, recipes to recall. When it was time to make my favorite hummus recipe last weekend, I realized that the recipe was on my computer. (You would think that for as many times as I've made it, I would just remember it.) I'm really glad I saved my cookbooks. I found something similar yet a little different there (plus a few new ideas for future consideration. I need to look at those books more often!)

It snowed last Sunday, that wet stuff that sticks to everything, a wonderland! I walked to my neighbor's house on Monday morning to use the computer and realized that there was beauty completely surrounding me and that I needed to only do what was most important at the neighbor's house and then get out and walk. Reminders of God's abundance in my life were everywhere and I needed to spend some time on what was truly most important that morning, what I like to call my gratitude walk (and there is always so much in my life that I'm grateful for!)

I've had to adapt to a new morning routine, one that makes a more mindful use of my a.m. computer time. How is it that every morning this week, I had 5 extra minutes before I left for work to just sit and breathe? Me, who could wake up at 2:00 a.m. and still be rushing around to get ready to leave by 7:30? Me, who had no shortcuts built into the computer?

I had a potluck to go to on Tuesday and I spend the whole weekend perfecting this really great red cabbage/shredded carrot salad recipe. I played around with the dressing all weekend until it met with my satisfaction. It was off to the store (one that I don't normally go to) to get some more cabbage; THERE WAS NO RED CABBAGE THERE. At this point, I no longer cared (my brain was getting sore from having been so flexible all weekend!) and I grabbed something from the deli. I was OK with that choice (and actually spent less money than I was planning on) but I think the "I don't care" attitude set the mood for the potluck the next day. It was my normal food-frenzy, I might not ever eat again! I really hate when I do that but this time I accepted it for what it was, a bad choice that could be remedied and then I moved on. Out of that experience, I learned of a new warning signal for myself, one that I will watch for in the future. (Since I have another potluck coming up this week, I did get on the scale this morning; all is good.)

I've benefited a lot from my now sort-of-broken computer. There were many lessons this week, the "Plan BE's":

BE GRATEFUL (not a new lesson at all but a good place to be when things seem topsy-turvy)
BE MINDFUL (I've added Time to my list of mindful things)
BE PREPARED (backup plans are most valuable! And don't throw out your cookbooks!)
BE RESILIENT (I read this years ago and never forgot it: "Blessed are the flexible for they shall not get bent out of shape.")
BE WILLING TO TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT (a change in routine can be refreshing)

All in all, it was a pretty good week!


I wanted to add something I shared on FaceBook yesterday, something that I copied from the American Guild of Organists in response to the horrifying tragedy in Connecticut this week.

"Around 1996, there was a school shooting in Dunblane, Scotland. John Bell composed the following hymn in response to that event. Certainly is appropriate today.

1. There is a place prepared for little children,
Those we once lived for, those we deeply mourn,
Those who from play, from learning and from laughter,
Cruelly were torn.

2. There is a place where hands which held ours tightly
Now are released beyond all hurt and fear,
Healed by that love which also feels our sorrow
Tear after tear.

3. There is a place where all the lost potential
Yields its full promise, finds its true intent;
Silenced no more, young voices echo freely
As they were meant.

4. There is a place where God will hear our questions,
Suffer our anger, share our speechless grief,
Gently repair the innocence of loving
And of belief.

5. Jesus, who bids us be like little children,
Shields those our arms are yearning to embrace.
God will ensure that all are reunited;
There is a place."
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JADE465
    Love the BE's!!!
    2312 days ago
    I hate computer troubles. I hope you have the issues resolved soon.

    We have had no snow yet which is unreal. I don't miss it though.

    I have a party to go to this week. I think I will do okay with it and not be tempted much.
    2314 days ago
    Beautiful blog. You always inspire me. Love ya
    2315 days ago
    Sounds like you are getting it figured out as to what needs to be done. I've been stuck here for a while, I know what to do but I have a hard time being consistent in the plan. I've never liked following a daily routine, but more and more it is becoming more important. There are so many things that I am doing right, but I want to tackle it all and have it all under control. Well, I know that isn't going to happen, but I will keep plugging along, trying to do my best and I'm ok with that for right now. I'm seeing improvements in spite of my busy schedules but someday I'm going to get really serious and drop those extra pounds.

    Hang in there and keep BEing you!!!
    2315 days ago
    Yeah, plan B's take patience from every fiber of our BE-ing! HUGS and good luck.
    2315 days ago
    emoticon your "Plan Be's"~ some you can add to your list:
    BE Happy
    BE Healthy

    2315 days ago
    I did enjoy the wisdom of your words to always have
    a Plan BE and noted how we rely on our computers so
    much we forget to use our brains and see the world
    around us, not on a little screen.
    Your poem really brings home the thoughts to love
    our children while we have them. This last Friday
    is a day I hope is never repeated. HUGS!
    2315 days ago
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