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I've got nothing.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I really don't have much to say. I'm apparently doing something completely wrong - and I can't figure out what it is. I see people losing 1-2 pounds a week, even a half a pound, and it just makes me sad.

Because I lose nothing.

That's right. I've lost nothing since I joined Spark. Exactly 4 weeks ago.

I changed my diet a couple of days before I rejoined Spark - and lost 2 pounds - and for four solid weeks, despite meeting 5/6 or 6/6 nutrition ranges every day, exercising almost every day, and being as varied as possible in my meals and in my workouts - I've lost nothing. Nada.

I've had a really bad week emotionally, but I didn't overeat. I did most things right this week, considering. I'm still not doing well in that department and I'm almost at the point where I desperately ask people what on earth I do just to survive. Because I feel like a fraud - like I'm just pretending to stay afloat in life.

Before I continue to ramble... I really came here to say I've got nothing. I'm going to Trader Joe's tomorrow with my mom, I found a bunch of new healthy smoothie recipes (all of which I grouped and entered into Spark earlier) and a few quinoa dishes to try, so hopefully on December 22nd, I'll see some sort of deficit on the scale. I won't give up. I won't stop what I'm doing. I won't stop strength training, playing my EA Sports game, or anything else. I'm just really sad that I really have seen no progress. I can feel a few muscles here and there, but literally that's the only progress, in four weeks, I can feel. That's kind of lame.

Hopefully for my sake and yours I'm in better spirits soon.
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    Hang in there! You don't have as much to lose as some people do, so the loss will be slower. Water weight gain can affect you too, especially at certain times of the month. Make sure you are weighing and measuring your food. Don't just guess. Portion size makes a huge difference.

    I'm glad you're not giving up!
    2954 days ago
    I'm sorry that the scale has not moved.
    2954 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12054749
    emoticon my scale hasn't really been moving much lately either so I feel your frustration. One thing I noticed early in the program, like someone else said, I wasn't eating enough for the amount of excercise I was doing. Bumping up my calorie intake, which was hard, did help for awhile. Have you emailed your sparkcoach for guidance? I don't know if they can help or not. Worth a try perhaps? emoticon
    2954 days ago
  • LISAN0415
    P.S. I wrote the following tips that I learned and that have helped me so far on my journey- maybe one or two of them are something you haven't done yet and can try:
    also I read the biggest key to weight loss is my eating- it's 80-90% of weight loss and the other 10-20% is exercise and activity.

    confidential to any spiritual Sparkers, I know Prayer has truly helped me, God has been with me during this journey, giving me strength, and will power I didn't know I had, remmeber to invite him into your heart and your life (this is truly number1)

    2. a. (Of Course) Getting my calorie range from Spark and tracking it daily and staying within my range
    b. Going to low end of my range 3 days before a special dinner or party (to combat any extra goodies)

    3. Drinking a glass of water right after I wake up and right after I go to the bathroom and weigh myself, I do this 15-30 minutes before breakfast to wash any extra toxins out.

    4. Eating 5 times a day (within my calorie range) instead of twice like I used to. I have read many articles saying that makes our metabolism "furnace" burn all day instead of just a couple bursts a day.

    5. Using my pedometer to get 10,000 steps a day.

    6. Choosing Sugar free or low sugar options. I have not deprived myself of carbs- I still have pasta, bread, but I make sure it fits within my range and I try to eat it earlier in the day at breakfast or lunch, because it is less filling.

    7. Increasing my fiber, and its so important to eat at least 5 servings of veggies/fruits a day)
    there were days before I only ate 1-2 TRUE servings a veggies (it turns out that no, lettuce on my sandwich wasn't a full serving of veggies, LOL)

    8. Eating a protein with any carb- I read it processes better, so like with an apple I eat a low fat string cheese

    9. If I have a choice between Fat free or sugar free (like in dressings or pudding) I choose Sugar-free, fat is necessary for vitamin absorption.

    10. Not drinking any calories- no juice, no soda, and I am not an alcohol drinker. i DRINK 8-10 GLASSES OF WATER daily!

    11. Taking my vitamins, especially my Omega-3s and Vitamin D, it helps the fat cells release excess fat instead of hold on to it (I get mine from GNC)

    12. Chewing gum or drinking water when I am unexpectedly hungry. I honestly evaluate my hunger, if I am physically hungry where my stomach is growling, or I feel a little shaky, I eat a healthy snack (60 calorie low fat String cheese and carrot sticks or something like that) , I DON'T DEPRIVE MYSELF, even if it is before bed. I don't deprive myself. I ask myself : "On a scale of 1-10, how physically hungry am I?"

    13. Bringing healthy snacks with me, so I won't overindulge or go to the drive through (snacks like low fat string cheese, 100 calorie pack of almonds, fiber one 90 calorie bar, yogurt, banana)

    14. Eating a small meal before going to the grocery store and any party or dinner out. This way I won't over Indulge.

    15. Bringing my lunch with me to work, and healthy snacks. I stay away from that vending machine! I even make sure I don't have singles.

    and I can't say this one enough for anyone just getting starting (most Sparkers know this tip) The one thing that has helped me consistently lose weight every week is Tracking everything! It doesn't take more than a few minutes, and I plan one day ahead what I will eat
    2954 days ago
  • LISAN0415
    I read someone elses blog and she said she hadn't lost weight in 3 weeks, and then she looked at her Spark Calorie range which was 1500-1850, and she decided that was too high, she changed it to 1250-1500 and stayed closer to around 1300 and lost 2 lbs that week.

    Maybe SparkPeople gave you too many calories?

    2954 days ago
    my husband said i looked like i lost weight, but i actually gained on the scale, although my clothes fit better. it is always possible that you are gaining some muscle.

    i have found that when i gain it is because i am not tracking the correct portion size. i start measuring my food and generally find i was eating 2 or 3 servings of some things or spending too much time on my butt in front of the computer\.
    2954 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2955 days ago
    Hugs! It is so hard not to see the scale moving. Not sure how much you have to lose -- TRYINGTOCLOSE64 is right, someone with a lot of weight to lose will hit higher pound losses than someone with 15-20 pounds. Don't know where you are on the journey.

    2955 days ago
    Are you tracking your measurements? If you are feeling your muscles, it sounds like they are either growing or the fat above them is diminishing. It has to be frustrating to not see the scale move, but maybe you can find some encouragement in smaller measurements instead.

    But, if you aren't losing inches or weight, maybe you need to tinker with your program. Is it possible with all of your cardio and strength that you are burning too much more than you are taking in? Have you tried calorie cycling at all?

    Don't lose faith. Since restarting Sparkpeople a week ago, I have found your determination very encouraging. I fully believe we both can meet our goals if we don't give up.
    2955 days ago
    you have to remember that someone that is losing 1 to 2 pounds a week could have a much higher BMI then you do. If you are close to goal weight then you are not going to lose like someone who has over 100 pounds to lose.
    2955 days ago
    And your inches have all remained the same?
    2955 days ago
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