Holiday Stress Relief

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's been awhile since I've blogged. My healthy lifestyle has been off and on, the weight has been yo-yo-ing, and my presence on SP has been hit and miss. I signed up for a half-marathon (walking it) 6 weeks ago and havent done much to prepare for it. Monday begins my training program and THANKFULLY more participants were needed for the Biggest Loser challenge and I was invited to participate with the Emerald team.

I'm starting late but the challenge for this week is to list 3 things we use as destressers. Since I'm a stress eater I'm not super good at stress reliefs but the following are the three things I try to use and will be using more.

1. Reading! Reading my scriptures daily is a must to keep in focus what is truly important and to receive the strength and heavenly guidance I need to get through lifes stresses. I also MUST read before I go to bed. I read all sorts of genres but need that time to unwind.

2. Music! Love to listen to music. It's guaranteed I'll work faster, better and longer if music is playing. Right now I'm listening to Christmas music and I love the peaceful, happy feeling it gives.

3. Learning to say NO! Life has been very stressful and my plate if overflowing. With 7 kiddos there always seems to be people and organizations asking me to help with something. Right now my answer has to be NO. If there is a new mom needing a meal, a death or illness I do find ways to help, serving others has a way of not being stressful and actually puts my own life stresses in perspective.

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