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Ability to rise from the floor associated with health and longevity

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thought some of you might appreciate this video, it may be something you want to work toward achieving in 2013.... getting yourself off the floor without the use of your hands and knees.

I've always had a bit of a problem with it, due to my scoliosis, but when I fractured my arm and badly sprained my left wrist, I was made more acutely aware of how reliant I was on my left hand/arm to help me up from the floor.

Video is in Spanish?, English subtitles below.

Here's a link to an article on the subject:

....and if you think this is easy, here's your next challenge... check out what this woman is doing at the 2 minute mark... just slide the cursor there...

: )
Update 12/15
Thx all of you who have commented!

Berry4 has mentioned this youtube which is even harder, in my opinion, to doing the move that the woman was doing at the two minute marker in the Amazing Abs video, cuz the woman in the video I posted, uses the side of her knee to get up... which would prolly score her a point on the rating system! LOL

Here's Berry4's link, hyperlink for those interested... this woman does use a weight, which hmmmm may act as a counterbalance?

Even so, she's awesome... they both are... I will never look like that but its not going to stop me from trying to get up and down off the floor without using my hands. Right now when I try to sit on the floor, I fall the last 10 inches and roll on my back like a bug! ha A pox on my dern Scoliosis! ha

Special thx to Berry4!
Hugs to all...
: )
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CHRIS3874
    yeah I wish I was that fit- they could probably scarf down anything and burn it up in no time flat. Not that I necessarily would want to do THAT.
    1962 days ago
    Wow....a great measure of strength ... Will try and practice. Thanks!
    1983 days ago
    Thx for the comments!
    Ya, know, as Gratti said, "if you can't get up off the floor, you're prolly not very fit"... I guess that's an assumption we made, that its easy. But its become increasingly difficult... noticed it in my fitness classes, anything that involves a transition from standing to touching the ground is becoming increasingly problematic for me.

    Also, after having fell... falls being one of the causes of broken hips in seniors... it started me thinking, that I really don't know "how to fall" properly, either.

    IMO there really is room for a fitness class that concentrates on both these things for older people... developing the balance, strength and co-ordination necessary to rise and sink to the floor, and learning "how to fall", that should be started before age begins taking its toll.

    As mentioned earlier, I cannot get up OR down on the floor without it, well... being a "production". LOL Strange because I am otherwise in pretty good shape, lift weights, do Zumba, step aerobix, pilates and yoga.

    This morning I tried to sit on the floor without bending to one side or the other, using my hands which is how I usually get up and down.

    O good one, that! I got as far as a squat... and... I got stuck!
    Thought, this must be what its like to be a toddler again... like I didn't know how to use my own body. Literally had no idea how to get down there by just sitting down. When I tried, I fell and rolled.

    Anyways, gang, it is what it is.
    Looking forward to seeing if any of you can make any progress towards what initially seems like a nonbrainer goal of getting up and down on the floor. But which really is a challenging thing.

    Morticia love your husband's sense of humor!
    Have a fun day!
    : )
    1983 days ago
    I'm going to try that later and might even add it to my Pilates sessions. It's interesting that in my classes, the Pilates teacher wants us to use our hands to push ourselves up. The thinking is that we already have quite good core strength but mustn't neglect working on our upper body strength.
    1984 days ago
    I will try the first challenge one of these days.

    As far as Ingrid or Gretchen or whoevers workout I think I will pass on that. Hubby said he might try it if when he weighs 115 pounds. LOL.
    1984 days ago
  • M77355
    Oh my, the West Nile Fever has really affected me - I used to pop up like a cork and now feel like one of those battery operated Bobble Balls that jumps around on the floor ;-D I will definitely keep working of getting stronger!
    1984 days ago
    Wow, this certainly is a good 2013 goal, especially with the ab gal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) YOU ROCK Mzz emoticon chief
    1984 days ago
    Thanks everyone for looking at the videos and commenting.
    Berry, I am going to add your youtube to my post in a hyperlink so that others can see it and mabbe even try it!

    This getting old biz isn't fun AT ALL!

    : )
    1984 days ago
    Good videos. Now to try getting up off the floor
    without using hands. It will be interesting to see
    what kind of score/fitness level I will be at. Makes
    the exercises I do seem like nothing, but I have to
    keep pushing on. emoticon emoticon
    1984 days ago
    Good reminder about fitness. But the headline is hilarious. Yeah, if you can't get up off the floor, you're probably not very fit! :)
    1984 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Thank You for the Video and Information. Will see what I can do with it. God Bless You and Have a Fantastic Day. Take Care.
    1984 days ago
    I guess I'm not in the statistics for longevity according to this.
    1984 days ago
    Nice video. Hmmm, now to try it.
    1984 days ago
    This makes what I do now look like nothing....I wonder if I could ever get good enough to do this.
    1984 days ago
    With my busted ankle and knee I am realizing where my strength comes when I go from stand to sit. I definitely will work on this as I rehab that leg!
    1984 days ago
  • JACKIE542
    Very interesting, I am going to have to work on this! emoticon
    1984 days ago
  • BERRY4
    Actually, just yesterday, I had a trainer show me an extremely difficult move...and yes, not supposed to use hands.
    It is some kind of cross between sit-up & hands in air (like holding a rifle out of water)--so a military exercise--& stand-up & back down & back up...

    I'm a long way from accomplishing this well! But at least it is a "target" to attempt! emoticon

    1984 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/15/2012 4:12:34 PM
    I heard that on the news the other day. Interesting!
    1984 days ago
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