Saturday, December 15, 2012

me being confused
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    I would encourage you to take a lot of picture of yourself to help you get use to the fact that you are losing weight. Pick who you tell about your weight loss efforts. You need friend and family who will support you. Don't feel guilty about your weight loss. Getting health issues corrected is all that matters. Just think of how your body feels with the weight off you already have. I can tell you your energy will only improve as the weight comes off. Take it one day at a time. And I would take advantage of thrift store and just buy a couple of items at a time. That way you won't have a lot invested in your clothes. So take care of your flu and hope you get better soon.
    Good luck
    2463 days ago
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  • JUDY106

    Take what you can get with the weight lost while it last. I have friends that has the same problem you have they really lost weight when they first started. they looked fabulous. Then they didn't eat correctly and they are big again. So, yes you will have to get with it and eat correctly and exercise to be able yo be healthy and keep the weight off. it is so great that you are thinking of this. My friend didn't and was really happy with the weight lost. It was so sad to see her big again. I think you have learned what to do. Maybe that was the reason that you went through all the stuff you went through before they found this out . You know what to do to live healthy. You have a head start on a lot of other people out there with your problem, because when you get to normal you will have tools to either lose more or keep from gaining more. There is always a positive side to most things. Wishing you good health. I hope by now you are well and on the go. Hugs, Judy

    2466 days ago
    2466 days ago
    You really need to stop eating junk food......don't fool yourself into thinking that you can still loose weight on junk food.....it may be happening now but bodies do adjust. It is good that you loosing weight but you need to not eat that high fat food as it effects things you cannot see.

    Drink water not pop
    Eat cereal, soup, toast etc vs. fast food

    Being sick is not an excuse for eating poorly and you need to understand that your body working with the new medication.....this could stop tomorrow and slow down......be ready with good eating habits and excercise to keep getting smaller.

    Sorry to be blunt
    2467 days ago
    I am so sorry you are sick, that is terrible. emoticon emoticon

    It is so frustrating that people don't notice it or think you are exaggerating. I think most people think 50 pounds in 7 weeks sounds like a lot, and it is, but they don't understand the medical reasons and whatnot that is going on with you. I had to lose 50 pounds from 270 to get people to notice that I've lost weight, so just know it will happen in time. :)

    I am glad the weight is melting off of you because you were working for so long at it and not seeing the results that you EARNED. And Heather totally said it, you will have plenty of time to struggle like the rest of us poor saps, so please enjoy it while it is melting away! emoticon
    2467 days ago
    You are doing great, let it come off fast! Dont feel bad that us common folk are slow losers! why? because later on once you get to 250 and below where I'm at then it will be hard! mauahahaha. And I get people not noticing but it takes time, not only that but we never see your whole body on here just your upper half. And me ive lost almost 30lbs and I literally see myself as fatter....even looking back on videos and stuff I look the same and actually bigger now in some, I think its just because the inner layers of fat go first and stuff shifts around. sounds funny but its true! Screw ppl, this is about you! who cares! DO NOT let them get in your head!!! You have to be reminded by yourself that you ARE losing and its gonna get harder but that you have a huge headstart that was easy. OWN IT! Get a couple new outfits if you need to and then donate them or sell them online.
    2467 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your story.


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    2467 days ago
    A few things -

    The doctor is right, you WILL lose a lot of weight very quickly at first, don't be discouraged by that. And people won't WON'T realize that's true because you have so much to lose. It took me losing 50-60 lbs for people to notice. They will notice eventually. I go through phases where I lose a lot of weight really quickly, but then I slow down a little bit - then speed up! And yes, thyroid medicine WILL cause you to lose weight! If you've been deficient in thyroid hormone slowing your metabolism) then giving you that hormone is going to help. And yes, your body will adjust to your new thyroid levels, but it won't mean that you'll stop losing when your body gets use to the new level. You'll just have to stop eating all the junk food ;)

    As far as clothes - YES, get SOME new clothes! I buy 2 pairs of jeans at a time since you go through them a lot faster than shirts. And shirts are easy. I bought size large shirts for the past summer (they won't be good for next summer though! Some of them will be though!). And for winter, I've bought medium. They won't be good for next winter though! Some of these mediums are starting to feel lose (which I just refuse to believe!) But definitely reward yourself with some smaller clothes, then get others at goodwill since you'll be going through the shirts a lot quicker than I have! You might need to buy smaller shirts twice in one season!

    Keep up the great work and enjoy the loss!
    2467 days ago
    My grandma used to give me saltines and Sprite when I had the flu. Maybe get diet Sprite so it won't be as bad. I'm sure the drastic weight loss is due to the vomitting and irritible bowels due to your illness. I wouldn't count it as a true weight loss until you are back to your regular routine a week or so after you recover.
    2467 days ago
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