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10 Extra Calories a Day . . . 911!!

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

If I eat 10 extra calories a day, I'll put on 1 pound in a year. And next year. And the year after. And in 10 years I'll have put on 10 extra pounds.

If I eat 100 extra calories a day, I'll put on 10 pounds in a year. And next year. And the year after. And in 10 years I'll have put on 100 extra pounds.

What's an extra calorie? A calorie I don't need to maintain the pounds I want to sustain. Which takes about 10 calories a pound a day. About 1400 calories a day. Max,

What's 10 extra calories? Not much. Maybe a couple baby carrots.

What's 100 extra calories? Not much more. A big apple.

The carrots are healthy. The apple is too.

And calories from nutritionally-dense healthy foods are obviously better for me than calories from junk foods, or nutritionally empty foods.

But for weight maintenance, it doesn't matter. Extra calories from healthy foods pile on the pounds just the same as extra calories from candy or chips or Coke.

When I'm on the elliptical cross trainer at the gym, I can see that burning 10 extra calories takes me about 1 minute of really vigorous effort.

Which means I can never exercise enough to compensate for over-eating. Weight loss and weight loss maintenance for me are 80% nutrition tracking. At least.

OK then. It's not the season of healthy foods. I'm not eating too many spears of new young asparagus or fresh raspberries, or blueberries, or even lightly steamed shrimp.

It's the season of crunchy pastry-wrapped appetizers and bacon-wrapped appetizers and fatty dips and stuffing, gravy, butter-mashed potatoes, hot rolls and butter and turkey with crisp skin and cranberry sauce and veggies drenched in more butter and sauces and . . . . It's the season of shortbread and eggnog and Yule logs (dessert variety) and pies and special cookies and special candies and chocolate covered almonds and . . . . It's the season of too many alcoholic drinks on offer which reduce my resistance to all of the preceding!

I'm just reminding myself. Little pep talk here. Those calories do add up and my body is tracking them, whether *I* track them or not.

Grrrrrrr. Determination, resilience, eternal vigilance. All continue to be necessary. Every day.

That's because It's also the season of little black dresses! It's the season of sleek black velvet trousers with sparkly tops! Trying something new with the hair, the makeup! Not the season of muu-muus and huge shapeless Tshirts and elastic-waist track pants and . . . no no no.

And: there's a connection here. Right?

Yeah. So: call 911 vanity assist, please. Vanity assist!! If that'll help, I'm gonna work it . . . yes I am!!

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