I'm terrified of the holidays!! Help!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Order of things I'm chatting about, skip as you will:
- sugar addiction
- quick chat about what I'm gonna do at the gym
- holiday scare!
BEWARE of overall yawning!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone
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  • CAM2438
    I really think the key here is moderation. Eat what you know is healthy, dont deprive yourself or you will lose the battle. Have a good holiday. emoticon
    2501 days ago
  • PSALM314

    Try Truvia' sugar. It comes from the stevia leaf and its better than sugar without a lot of the calories. And if your worried about chocolate,try carob chocolate. It's like chocolate but lighter and healthier. Just remember, Moderation.

    You are going to be okay. What you have and what your going through is called a healthy fear. And this is a positive. Why? It will help you keep yourself on your goals. You can control what goes into your body. Eggs are god. You can have scrambled eggs every morning that is protein. Breakfast is very important. Tell them you don't want cheese,potatoes bake, that you just want scramble eggs and toast,orange juice and a fruit. You can have a meat too. Ham is good,just make it a light in salt and you'll be okay. Bring your own things to your Mum's. Tell her your situation and how important this is to you. I hope you will enjoy your holidays and not stress on this.

    2502 days ago
    I hope you are able to enjoy your holiday time. I like thye idea of carring along some fruits and healthy bars wiht you.
    I was thinking that there must be more healthy options on the menu when you eat out. There must be articles on here with tips for eating out.
    As far as your parents I know what you mean. They cook something like lasagna, and you dont want lasagna. but you have to eat and thats what they cooked.
    I wonder if you could ask them ahead of time what they will be preparing.
    and plan on eating a small portion of it. You can say any excuse you want.I am not hungry
    or be honest. I have worked too hard to lose this weight.
    You CAN still track which will help you stay focused. ALso , it is NOT all lost is you gain some back. so you start again. MAny people do.

    2502 days ago
    I loved listening to your vlog. What a sweet heart you seem to be. Really. So caring and kind towards others. I have found though that we need to be firm with what we believe and what we really want in life. You might be surprised at how supportive your parents are of you and your healthy eating. They'll see how good you look and they'll realize how hard you worked to get to where you are. What I do with going out to eat, I'll order a salad with my favorite dressing on the side and use very little of the salad dressing. Flavorful grilled chicken on top of mixed greens is very lovely. Or half of a yummy sandwich with a green salad and a little salad dressing. Nothing fried like you've said. They'll soon see that you mean business. You can eat minimal of what they serve and take healthy granola bars and other things that you can pack that you can fill up on in your room later. That's what I did when we were at our daughter and son-in-law's for Thanksgiving. Get a real strong feeling in your mind too of how this could be a life or death situation with how much more healthy or less healthy you'll be down the road. Make it a concrete part of your mind and body. You can do it! Thanks too for your sweet comments about the American tragedy! It truly breaks our hearts. Have a great holiday away!

    Karen emoticon
    2502 days ago
    Well like on thanksgiving i picked three food items that i wonted to eat and i got a small portion of all then i ate one cookie for my dessert then after that i went for a half a mile walk i didnt gain a pound .. i would eat but just eat smart lol i know easier said then done with all the good food but its your body and you know whats best for you.
    2502 days ago
    a few thoughts:

    It isn't really all or nothing. Yes you could gain some back when you go from low carb to regular dining, but that should be water gain for the most part, which, technically speaking isn't really weight lost anyway (if your overall goal is to lose fat, then the water will be part of that, but will come back when you rehydrate, since part of the weight lost is really from dehydration)

    You can bring some food to your family, if it freaks you out to have no control over what you eat. You can also enjoy the food they provide and prepare for you. You actually are the one that chooses what you eat each and every time you put that fork (or spoon) in your mouth. I'm sure they don't only have sugar and carbs, so find the protien, fruits, veggies and enjoy a treat or two, (you can actually have a bite of something and not finish it, use your "I'm not that hungry" thing you mentioned about eating out).

    Also, when your on a ski vacation, I'm assuming you'll be skiing. That will burn some calories, so you should have some room to work with on the delicious foods you'll be seeing. And think about just trying to maintain where you are during your holiday rather than trying to lose more. That may take some pressure off, so you could enjoy it more. It sounds like you have a great family, and are excited to spend time with them, so enjoy it!
    2502 days ago
    Girl, I love that accent, I guess U are in the UK. Look, please do not be offended but listening to U, I think you have defeated yourself before U even get started. I love american, french , everyones HOT DOGS, EVEN TO THE POINT OF CRAVING THEM. but I do not eat them because of the health risks to my7 already damaged heart. You are in charge of your self, tell your parent s U love them but they must support you in your endeavor to become physically fit. U want to be around to enjoy there company for as long as possible. U ARE IN CHARGE, you can do this(read my blogs when U get a minute) emoticon
    2502 days ago
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