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God is great. People are good.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tomorrow is graduation and I must say this week have been one of the most memorable.

Monday of this week, the week before graduation, my back wisdom tooth decided to demand attention. As a college student that does not have health insurance, I searched around for a cheap dental place thinking it was a cavity. Luckily, I found one that covered 90% of the expenses and even got in on Monday.

During the dental visit, I was informed I had two impacted wisdom teeth and one of them was causing the pain. They gave me a referral to an oral surgeon, and pain pills. Monday and Tuesday night I was in alot of pain and waking up every hour from it. In my weakest moment, I posted it on Facebook. On Wednesday, I was prescribed pencillin and been feeling much, much better. The next day I asked my parents to borrow me the money because this tooth HAD to go. Again, luckily, they did. I didn't think any more of it honestly.

Until today.

My boss has been asking if I got any mail this week. Um, no? [insert odd look] Tonight she called and told me how I said a piece of mail. She made it sound like it was time sensitive and said I want it. Hmm, I wonder what it could be. Maybe it's a job offer? A girl can dream.

I get to the Y and there is a Christmas card for me with the Y's address for the to and from. Okay, not exactly what I was thinking but okay. I open it up and found a postal money order for $500.

You know the really weird thing about all this? It was sent from my hometown and pretty only have close relationships from there that are my family members. I would recognize their writing and this writing only looks VERY vaguely familiar. By the way, I am now taking writing samples. Kidding!

Since the envelope is mark posted for the same day as the Facebook post, I am assuming it was a Facebook friend but not 100% sure. I am accepting that I know I will most likely never find out who this generous person is but hope I can only pay it forward in the future for a college student in need like someone did for me.

Also, I feel this was a gift from God and that is another reason I am sharing this story. I want to show gratitude for all the gifts he seems to give me. No matter my situation, it seems I am magically taken care of. I think that is why I tend to be a generous person and not worry about me.

To sum it all up.

God is great.
People are good.
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