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Day 25

Friday, December 14, 2012

Someone commented to me yesterday that I drink too much water. I drink a gallon a day, 4 liters. That is over about a 10-hour period. I do this for a number of reasons, but primarily it is to provide simplicity to digestion and to help flush the system. My response to this statement was “how much do you drink?” They replied on top of coffee and some diet soda, 20 ounces of water. In order to maintain civility in the workplace, I had to temper my response carefully. Knowing what I know about nutrition. Knowing what I know now about Aspartame, I told this person that they are in a state of dehydration. She said “you know, my doctor told me that. I suffer from muscle cramps and headaches.” It got me thinking. How often do we ignore the signs and symptoms that are body is showing us? I know I ignored mine for years. Having convenience blinding me to what exactly I was doing to myself…water included. I don’t have to pee all the time. To me, I feel regulated. I am trying not to reinvent the wheel here. It seems that the more I drink, the better I feel. So I keep doing it. A gallon of water is not toxic. It’s part of the rebuilding of my body with Ideal Protein. I believe most building foundations in 1st world countries are made with concrete…which is mixed with water. There is a witty analogy in there somewhere.

This also begs the question, if you are doing Ideal Protein, what has your foundation been in the past? We are a Schwan’s family. The driver comes by every two weeks and we always order something. My kids are not ice cream hounds, per say, but they do enjoy it from time to time. We get ice cream sandwiches and sometimes an ice cream bar of some sort. Ice cream was always a vice of mine. I could eat that like it was going out of style. I would have 3 ice cream sandwiches and a couple of bars. Just thinking out loud, that was about 1200 calories before bed, and I believe I am being VERY conservative. It blows my mind. I would consciously do that because I craved it. I had to have it or I was going to be pretty pissed off about it. I could easily eat half a gallon at a time, sometimes going off to a convenience store to get some Ben and Jerry’s when we didn’t have it in the house. That is insanity defined in my mind. I set myself up for failure. I was dooming myself. My issues were not anyone else’s problem. I had to take ownership of both weight loss AND weight GAIN. These were my burdens to bear. Having diabetes didn’t matter to me. Without truly understanding the pathophysiology of diabetes, one can take a cavalier approach to it and blow it off. However, I knew all about it. Yet, I did nothing from a food aspect to change. Looking back, again only after a little over two weeks, I see those boxes of ice cream now in the freezer and I hate myself. I get physically angry, no outside display of anger, just frustrated. It doesn’t last long. I know what my mistakes were. I realize I am not a perfect person. Its only after some self-evaluation about previous past destructive behaviors can I truly become healed. Ideal Protein has begun the physical aspect of this healing process. The mental part, as it is in everyone, is an individual process. Find out what your foundations have been in the past from a nutritional point of view. Where can you make changes? Ideal Protein is definitely spendy, but it costs way less than ignorance.
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