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Friday, December 14, 2012

Something that upsets my program is dispair. I feel like I'm making so many good choices and yet the scales don't move, I then get a bit blue. When I'm blue over lack of progress, I find myself not tracking, eating more non-Spark foods, skimping on water, drinking sugar-free soda and wine. I also sit in my chair too long. When you lapse a day or two, it's sometimes hard to get back to the optimal focus. I've been back and to with Spark since 2009 so I know about losing focus!

This Sunday and Monday I decided to carefully track my foods and I think that's when I felt progress!

My take-away message is that we need to stay focused even when you get frustrated. Something we can do is just go back to the basics of the program: tracking, drinking water, consuming vegetables and fruit. When we do this, we can get our weightloss re-booted again. I bet those of us who are having trouble losing weight, we are also not faithfully tracking.

I'm listening to the Spark Radio for the first time. The narrators are so positive and perky! Not sure they are my exact cup of tea. Nevertheless, I need daily motivation, and information helps me. As some of you know, I like to read books on the subject of obesity and weightloss. I'm trying to read Jorge Cruise's book The Three-Hour Diet. I always feel like he'e more of an entrepreneur than a real weightloss guru.

Are you listening to Spark Radio at all? Thoughts anyone?
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    I'm looking these days at how much better I'm feeling. Not just physically, but mentally. I think many of us who need to lose wait have the tendency over time to come to view food as a friend and substitute for other joys in life that we feel we are missing. I feel my best chance for success is when I stay very well pleased with other aspects of my life so this doesn't need to happen.
    Don't know if that's relevant to your situation or not, but I DO know the feeling of really kicking butt one week only to get on that scale and see no change, or heaven forbid sometimes even an increase. It's important to remember that our bodies are very mysterious in the way they change and the up-down thing is part of it. We're gaining muscle, we're retaining water, our biochemistry is complicated. We have to have faith that we are giving our bodies the things they need for change and health and it'll all balance out in the end.
    Let's not forget to keep our eyes on the ONE thing that insures success: consistency. Just keep going, despite anything and everything.
    2314 days ago
  • BIGDOG1969
    Throw the scale out the window- it's just a tool, and it's not the only one we use on this journey. Tracking your food is very important. It's amazing how easily we can go over our caloric limits. If you can find some inspiration through the Sparkpeople Radio, more power to you. Every little bit helps! Best of luck!
    2316 days ago
    emoticon Just Hang in there and stay positive!
    2317 days ago
    My dear friend, when that darn scale does not move we all get down in the dumps. Mine has stopped many times but decided I will not let it get me down. I step on it less now and just know that I am doing the right stuff for me. I am at the point that if I don't gain back that is a good thing and I am learning. emoticon
    2317 days ago
    I do enjoy listening at time, but like you said, they are quite perky and I am so not!

    But I do listen when I am doing my blogging and messaging!

    I als ohave to admit that I have been binge eating - cereal. And now that the hearing is over, I need to get my stuff together and get back on track. I weighed in yesterday at 252 and I was 247.4!!! BAD MOVES! But still walking and working out. Just need to change what I eat and cut carbs out!

    2318 days ago

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  • 1EMMA2011
    Great ideas!! I'm not listing to SP radio yet. When I got my program right, I stopped focusing on the scale as much. Although it's still there, you know? The need to get on it and measure my success and failure. It's tough isn't it that whole weigh in thing. I try to be disciplined and weigh only on Mondays. I'm glad we are doing this together because seriously, I'd be overwhelmed otherwise!

    2319 days ago
    I couldn't agree more that this is a mental thing. In fact I think more than anything my consistency and motivation is about my attitude.
    I like the comment below from Nancysinatra . I used to post motivational quotes around to keep reminding myself.
    I currently am sitting in front of a small zen garden that has objects in it that remind me of my reasons for wanting to lose weight. I am also wearing a wire ring on my finger to keep reminding myself to THINK about this.
    Yes I have listened to spark radio. Not consistently but anything that can help to remind me to keep my head in the game, I am willing to try. Well almost anything.
    Have a great weekend. No excuses for either of us. We can do this and we will be glad that we did.
    2319 days ago
    I have listened to spark radio once so far. I do not feel that I have "listened" enough to give a fair opinion as yet even though my first reaction was the same as yours "not exactly my cup of tea!!". But I will give them more chances and see how it goes you never know they may "grow on me" so to speak!!! emoticon
    2319 days ago
    I've listened a few times while sitting here doing my spark stuff. They are very bubbly and positive, and that is nice.
    I have the same issue with motivation. I know this sounds silly, but it really has helped me. We went out and bought a pack of the large index cards. I take a marker and each week I fill our several of them with saying, quotes, comments, whatever hits me, then I post them all over my house. There is not a room in my house that does not have them. Right over my scale is one that says "the scale does NOT define me", and one that says "I am a warrior, I am a runner, I am an athlete". On my computer is one that says "you WILL feel better if you move", On my cabinet is one that says, Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels", on my TV " YOU ARE worth it", in my room "a 30 minute workout is ONLY 2% of your day", and on my mirror " Life is too short to spend it hating your body", on a picture frame as soon as I walk out of my room, "today is a NEW day". This isn't even half of what I have up. One of my favorites that is in the hallway "you don't drown by falling in the water, your drown by staying there". I love that one because like you, when I do lapse a day or two, getting back on track is hard.
    Anyway, think about the cards, It's hard to listen to that negative voice in the back of my head when I see positive sayings all around me everyday. :)
    2319 days ago
    Have not listened so SparkRadio yet.
    As for Jorge Cruise - just another guy who jumped on the weight-loss bandwagon for profit. Not to say that he has some good advise in there somewhere. You know, if it motivates you it's good.
    Three Hour Diet?
    Can you do a short write up?
    Would be interested in what it is all about.
    Have a great SparkDay.
    2319 days ago
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