RE: This Blog, Is About, Myself Melanie, Louise Jackson, (Nee Large), AKA (Grease31).

Friday, December 14, 2012

RE: This Blog, is about, myself Melanie, Louise Jackson, (Nee Large), AKA (Grease31).

This Blog, also describes, some words, put after, the 1st, Letters of, My Name, 2 which, includes my SparkPage, (Online Name), 2 AKA, (Grease31).

M (Motivated) - (I'm trying, to get, my Flat, De-Cluttered).
E (Elegant) - (I like, to look, good in, what i, wear).
L (Loving) - (I have, lots of, Love to, give).
A (Affectionate) - (I have, lots of, Love to, give).
N (Nice) - (I can, be very, friendly to, New people).
I (Independent) - (It means, I'm Young, Free &, Single Baby).
E (Extreme) - (It means, i can, do what, i want, when i, want &, Bugger the, Consequences).

L (Listen) - (It means, i can, help People, if they, need it).
O (Outrageous) - (It means, how other, People describe, my Hair, Colour lol, lol lol, lol).
U (Understanding) - (It means, i can, be there, for people, if they, need it).
I (Irrational) - (It means, that i, can sometimes, get stressed, very easily).
S (Special) - (It means, i have, a lot, of people, who care, for me).
E (Emotional) - (It means, i cry, at very, very sad, Films all, the time).

J (Joyful) - (It means, i can, be very very, Happy &, Jolly).
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