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This is different!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Not saying that I am an avid blogger but I have tried more then once to write blogs. One is because I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts on things and two because I have a lot of poems and stories.

But this is different. It has to do with my life and my health. That is way more important then my writing. I joined sparkpeople because I good friend of mine suggested that I go on it and take control of my health. She is the sweetest person that I know and I am forever thankful to her for showing me this site!

I had been for sometime seeking for help and answer for my thyroid problem. I am glad that I found a community that can help and motivate me to the right direction and hope to do the same.

I could say it really sucks to have hypo thyroid but it is what is and I am done with the mopping around about and I am going to take action! This is my life and I want my weight at a healthy weight and I intend to accomplish that with baby steps and making a life change.

I have read that many people have lost the weight but never keep up with just keeping the lifestyle and they end up gaining the weight back. I don't want that to happen to me. I want this to be a game changer/wake up call. My health is important.

Would it surprise many that I say that I am a naturally energetic person? I am. Many people that find out about my condition don't believe I have a thyroid issue because of my personality. It is very hard for them to believe that it is very serious and times very difficult to conquer and overcome.

Many don't know the feelings and the overwhelming sense that you get. A couple of the battles I had to deal with is depression ( I slept all day) I found that is best to stay awake all day and be tired enough for bed. Hard concentration because your mind is foggy or brain fog...That's what I like to call it anyway. Insomnia somedays but so much anymore very rare now. The feeling of being tired and even at times withdrawing away from friends in family because of lack of energy. But even though I face these hurdle's I keep a positive attitude.

To be honest I have taped quotes that will help me to be motived and to keep in mind my goal and not to give up. That giving up is not the answer. I always keep in mind this there are so many people out there saying "you can't do it" "why do you keep going? Just give up already." To them I say " NO, I can do it and giving up is the easy way out."

I lost 10 pounds already. I can loose 10 pounds more. I CAN DO IT!!! IT IS UP TO ME NOW!!!
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