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Thursday, December 13, 2012

I got home tonight from work and exercised (4 mile Leslie Sansone's Punch Up Your Walk workout)... then sat down to eat (Chicken and cabbage)... while I eat, I usually watch the Food Network! LOL Anyway, was telling my husband that at work today a friend of mine mentioned that old adage of living to eat or eating to live... and how she ate to live... I told her that seriously... I felt that truly I lived to eat! LOL I mean, I LOVE food, I even spend time online looking at recipes. I am usually always thinking of what kind of foods I'd like to try, etc... it's sort of ridiculous! LOL This is a SUPER tight Christmas for us and we are sort of keeping it way simple and just asking what we can get for under $20. I thought for a second and told my hubby that I still wanted that cookbook by Marcus Samuelson "The Soul of a New Cuisine: A Discovery of the Foods and the Flavors of Africa" and then searched for it on and found that I could get it for under $20 used. You'd think with all this weight loss that I'd have a different perspective on things lol Apparently, I don't.

Anyway, we never made it to the food network tonight... channel was on TLC and there was this show on about a 600 lb woman. Anyway, I got sucked into watching that... and there was this part where the doctor was mad at her because she wasn't doing what needed to be done to lose weight for a surgery and I turned to my hubby and said "I really feel for her"... I mean, it wasn't really that long ago when I was clueless on what to eat and felt LOST and that I just couldn't DO IT... I felt like a failure, like I couldn't lose anything or that in order to do that I'd have to starve myself... or eat horrible food or well, the list went on and none of it was nice thoughts... It all seemed WAY TOO DIFFICULT... like it was never going to ever happen for me. But then I found this plan (the 17 Day Diet)... and I swear, you'd think I worked for Dr Mike Moreno himself, but I swear I don't and I'm not getting a dime (although, I probably should! LOL)... but it's never been so easy as it is now. I'm enjoying the food. I'm not at all feeling deprived... I'm even having the energy to exercise... so, when I watched that show, I empathized with that woman, then I just wished I could have crawled through that tv screen and shared what I've been doing with her. Oh well, that's just how this plan makes me feel... and I wish that for everyone who once felt how I felt... I get it... I mean, I felt it for decades... when the lightbulb isn't switched on it's pretty dark and when it's that dark, you just can't SEE anything. Whether it be Weight Watchers or another plan... I wish for anyone reading this that I hope you find your "light bulb"... I found mine and it's the BEST feeling in the world! The world is BRIGHT now and what a joy that is!

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