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Day 60- Not what I envisioned

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I have been back on Spark for two months now. For the most part everything has gone really good. I am losing inches, losing pounds and eating healthier than I ever have in life. Life.... that word took on a whole new meaning this morning, and I don't remember most of it.

I woke up this morning at our usual time 630. I got up out of bed to go potty and brush my teeth like I always do. I go in and go potty and turn to the sink to brush my teeth. I reach for my toothbrush...... this is where things get hazy. Suddenly, a wave hit me unlike one I have felt in a while..... The worst case of nausea and cold sweats I have ever had and the room was spinning a million miles an hour.... I remember turning back to the toilet because i felt like I was gonna hurl....... That's it, the rest I don't remember, I only know what Tami told me.

She heard a loud thud and things falling and came to investigate.... she found me sprawled out on the floor between the toilet and the tub with my neck arched up and my head against the wall..... she tried a few times to get my attention before I finally came to, well kind of. She tried to help me up for several minutes, in the mean time I am trembling and still sweating profusely..... I guess I managed to get to my knees and somehow to sit on the edge of the tub..... Tami says then again all of a sudden, I slumped and down I went again, this time with one knee propped against the toilet and the other leg sprawled out.... again she was trying to bring me to, almost calling 911 (i'm beginning to wonder if she should have). After several more minutes, she managed to get me back to my feet and back in bed. She got ready and got the kids off to school i guess, I don't remember much.... I know at one point she came to check on me and I jerked up wildly and gasped for air. She came back up a little later, to find me a tiny bit more coherent. We took our time getting me to the bathroom and then she dressed me and we slowly came downstairs.

I haven't done much of anything today but sit in my chair, play a little on here and watch a movie. I am still very foggy mentally, I have had a couple more bouts of nausea and dizziness. I have battle scars from the falls.... a huge know on my head and a scrape next to it from where i went head first into the wall..... a few scratches on my fingers and my front right shoulder from hitting the toilet roll holder..... and a nicely continuing to purple knot on my knee from ramming the toilet with it... I did a little research, all signs are pointing to a mild heart attack, but I haven't had any chest pain or shortness of breath, so I don't think that's what it is. Tami thinks my body is revolting against all the changes in our life and all the exercise.... she thinks I have been pushing too hard.... all I know is that this is not what I envisioned for day 60.

I will rest for the rest of today and see how I feel in the morning, hopefully a little better. Although I know a few spots that will be pretty sore tomorrow.... I also at this point don't know if I should attempt the gym tomorrow, we'll see how I feel. Hope everyone has a good night!

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    I'll be keeping you in my prayers buddy... HUGS!
    1956 days ago
    Buddy You need to see a Doc ASAP!!! Or this could be the last blog you write! Could be a mild stroke too! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1956 days ago
    Good grief...GO TO DR! Those are serious symptoms that need to be addressed. DON'T WAIT! Your life may depend upon making wise choices RIGHT NOW!!! emoticon And if you think you can't afford to go, think what it will cost if something worse happens and you end up with a permanent issue that can't be fixed! GO TO DR!! And don't take "need app't in three weeks" answer, either.

    Added thought, Jehovah expects us to respect the gift of are working hard to take care of your body...all the MORE reason to find out what happened and why...and to be sure you take steps to address whatever did happen. PLEASE let us know what the results are.
    1956 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/14/2012 8:25:53 AM
    I can only agree with everyone else that you should get checked out. So many possibilities from hyperglycemia, stroke, mild heart attack. Check and make sure, you dont want round 2 in a few days time. The love you have for your family is it for them.
    1956 days ago
    Oh Paul, I am so sorry to hear this! It sounds like you are right--you needed to call 911. Since you didn't, I really hope you can follow up with your doctor tomorrow--don't wait on this. You have come so far in improving your health and well-being, so be sure you let a professional/doctor help you with this bigger stuff. I will be praying for you!
    1956 days ago
    I don't yell at people much but I'm going to right now. Get yourself to a doctor PRONTO! Sooner rather than later! If your wife didn't call 911 you STILL should have gone to the emergency room. That does not sound like a MILD heart attack. It sound like a real one. Chest pain does not happen in every case. Please, please, please promise me you will at least call the doctor tomorrow. This is not to be discounted. I mean it. I work at a hospital and have heard too many horror stories.
    1956 days ago
    You need to see a Dr. Not every heart attack has the same symptoms. Take care.
    1956 days ago
    You should see a DR or talk to one tomorrow. It is nothing to mess around with. That happen to me in 2008 and I ended up in the hospital for 13 days. I also had to be Reciation 3 times due to my blood pressure going up high & giving me a heart attack and causing me to die.

    Please get checked out
    1957 days ago
    You should see a doctor. If you had a mild heart attack it could be the precursor of something more serious. Be well
    1957 days ago
    Scary stuff, Paul. I think you should go see a doctor, what happened this morning is more than just working out too hard. Blood work will tell the doctors many things, not to mention if you have a concussion that needs to be taken care of. Honestly, do mess around waiting to see how you feel, your doctor should know what happened and you should be checked out. Are you on any medications? Those symptoms could also be a sign of an overdose. Also all symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Keep us apprized on how you're doing. Lots of prayers coming your way.
    1957 days ago
    You don't have to be Superman! Slow down a bit, remember all the pitfalls we've had in the past and take those into consideration when you're busting your at the gym. You are disabled for a reason, let's not push too hard. You will still continue to lose weight if you only do 4 miles at the gym.

    I love you and would really hate to see you go downhill again, so let's do this together but slow down just a bit.
    1957 days ago
    OH geesh!!! Hope tomorrow is a better day!

    1957 days ago
    That's scary! Maybe you should go see a doctor?? Take care of yourself!
    1957 days ago
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