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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yeah, so I have been busy and haven't even been logging in. I usually log in even if I'm not posting, but nope, not this time. And go figure I'm up like 10 lbs.

But you know what? I'm not freaking out. Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I going to beat myself up? Nope.

I have been busy taking care of myself in other ways. I've been working on internal/spiritual things I guess you could say. I've been meditating daily (for those of you that think meditation is strange, it's really the same thing as prayer basically). The quiet "me" time where I focus positively and optimistically on things has been making me so much happier and more relaxed, etc. It's great. I'm doing my best in stressful situations and then letting it go, realizing there's only so much I can do. I don't need to make myself sick stressing about what other people chose to do or not do. Everything will work out.

Anyway, so along with that, of course, it's the holidays! I'm actually pretty excited - it helps having a 3 year old :) I decided to make gifts for people this year. I made some things (scarves and jewelry) last year, and this year I'm making some other things (on the off chance someone I know reads this anytime soon, I'll wait until after christmas to post what I made;) Thank you Pinterest!) So I've been taking a lot of time working on that. And now my focus is cleaning! We are having people over for Christmas Eve (in-laws mainly) And I decided I better start "deep" cleaning every room and then the day before I'll hopefully just have to do some dusting and vaccuuming and be done with it. It feels good accomplishing these things too. So, I have all the gifts made and wrapped. Just need to do 1 or 2 more simple things. Master bath and bedroom deep cleaned over the last two days during naptime, etc.

I have been staying fairly active, trying to get on the treadmill to at least walk on days when I'm not doing a bunch of cleaning or something. The main problem right now is the cooking. I have been cooking way too good of food (not as focused on diet friendly recipes - darn heavy warm comfort food!) and eating too much of it. That comes with this time of year for me especially. I am now picking recipes out of my healthy cookbooks again, so that's something. BUT I really need to work on the snacking - the grabbing a cookie or two here and there, grabbing a swig or two of eggnog, etc (at least I mix it with skim milk to make it not as rich! LOL) I am home all day watching kids, remember - lots of food available at all times. eek. :)

I'm not planning on any major gluttony, but realistically I know any plans to really watch what I eat are out the window until after the first of the year. I am choosing other priorities right now and I'm aware of it. What's two more weeks? I'm going to keep trying to make an effort for control every day, but I've got too much going on with company coming, cleaning, finishing presents, etc. I need to take this focus off my plate so I can get through the holidays and then back to it! That's what feels right to me right now.

I'm sad I haven't been keeping up with everyone over the last 2 months though - I have NO clue what's going on with anyone! But...I have been making other positive changes in my life while I've been absent, and those changes of more happiness and inner peace, etc can only help me out when I get back to it in January.

I really hope everyone has been doing well!! I don't expect any special effort, but if you want to put a brief update on what is going on with you in the comments or on my wall, I'd LOVE it! As I'm sure you all know, if you miss more than a couple days it's pointless to try to go back through the feeds, I'd go insane trying to go through all that LOL.

Other than time being an issue keeping me away from here, and focusing on other things, I always tend to feel like if I'm not doing amazing I shouldn't come on here and post, like nobody wants to hear that! But that's my own issue that I tend to think that. I think everyone can relate to what's going on right now and I miss you guys so I wanted to post :) I'm NEVER giving up. Yes I'm disappointed - if I'd kept going like I was at the beginning of last year I'd be at goal by now. Yes I'm disappointed that I keep gaining weight back. But I'm also choosing to remember that right now I am 27 lbs lighter than this time last year. (maybe a little more). That's GREAT! That's an average of 2.25 lbs a month (even though I've had at least 6 months where there was no progress LOL). I'm moving in the right direction. Life happens. We can't predict and force exactly HOW things are going to happen all the time, but I'm working towards my goals and making progress.

I will be popping in on here a bit more, but not really dedicated until after new year's. The next few weeks will fly by, I know it! And I've got a lot to do! (I'm actually hosting 4 different events, but Christmas Eve is the big one - ugh) So...I hope all of you have a fabulous holiday season!!!! Please don't forget about me!! :)

Sending happy, healthy, sane, loving, warm, calm thoughts to all of you (you CAN survive your families! LOL)

So how is everyone??

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I hear you girl i have been sick and pretty much just logging in. You can really tell sometimes how our habits are off of here. I do much better when using spark. Keep the great attitude that will keep you successful and everyone has a couple lbs here and there but you will get it off. Have a great christmas
    1941 days ago
    What a great post! I love your attitude!!!
    1950 days ago
    I love reading blogs about how someone's having a bump in the road, then reading the following week how they get over it. If we always have a great day, how can we learn anything?

    Do what you need to get yourself through your journey and enjoy the ride!
    1951 days ago
    Hi there! missed your rambling blogs but can totally relate to being off track with comfort food, etc. It's really cold here so no more outside walks because my knees cannot take the ice cold weather. Not that it's an excuse but the gym is really crowded now - it must be people wanted to lose lbs before the holiday. They will infiltrate the gym until the end of January (resolution time) and then it will get back to normal. So I have been trying to get in at least 10 min of yoga, ST, walking up/down my stairs at the house over the last 3 weeks. Since August I gained a total of 10 lbs, luckily the last 3 weeks I am down and have 5.5 lbs to go to get to my Aug 11th weight. I too am working toward at least maintaining what I weigh today through the holidays. We are traveling to Santa Monica, CA for New Years and will be celebrating with several friends for 9 days. We are staying with friends and they live in a very hilly neighborhood so 10 min on their street alone walking will be a total workout for me, looking forward to trying that daily. I know how you feel about meditation. It is awesome to quiet your mind just for a few minutes a day. Since all the drama with my kids this summer - I really need my mediation time, trying to get DH to join me! I wish you all the best these next few weeks and I look forward to regaining momentum with you in January. Peace my friend!
    1951 days ago
    Thanks for the catch-up blog! Curtailing online time is a goal for me, and I'm glad you've had the willpower to actually do it!
    1952 days ago
  • TANYA602
    I have always loved your attitude and that you just put it all out there. I am so glad you have not gone awol and that you are keeping things in perspective during the holidays. AND that you are meditating and still getting in your cardio! Way to go!
    I've had a pretty good few months and hit my initial goal of losing 40 lbs. So I tacked on my next goal and want to lose another 20 by next June. I feel kind of lucky that I am not a snacker (oh, but put some comfort food in front of me, especially bread, and I could go nuts) and am really being mindful of all the candy and sweets at work and "just saying no" - learned that in our 6th grade DARE program - lol!
    How lucky the recipients of your hand-made gifts! I always have grand aspirations of making gifts, but somehow never make it happen.
    Good to hear from you! Take care in these coming weeks!

    1952 days ago
    Wow! You are superwoman!! I'm glad you are taking some time, sounds like you need it. Thank you for what you said on my blog. I am thankful for YOU! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
    1952 days ago
    Yeah!!! You are back! I have been wondering how you are! I miss your posts! Good or bad, we all have them both. I always enjoy reading your prespective on things. Personally, I think that you are doing fine! Life happens and things will fluctuate and go up and down. That is life! The fact that you haven't given up and that you are aware is what this journey is all about. I don't know that I will ever end this journey. There is no end point really. I know that there are times that I will be more diligient and times that I am less than focused. That is just part of this, I think. So don't worry! I hope that your gatherings this holiday season are funfilled! Worry about those for now and enjoy life! Count your blessings! You have done great this year!!
    1952 days ago
    Please don't think we only want to hear from you when you have progress to report. We want to know how you are really doing.

    I am doing pretty well myself. We don't start with the food events until next week. Then it will be harder for me to stay on track. I have been walking outside a lot lately, and it feels good.

    Hope you have a great Christmas!
    1952 days ago
  • VALYNN26
    So great to hear from you. I have been wondering about you. I think it's great that you've been taking time for you in other ways. I think I really need to try the meditation thing. I get stressed out easily & tend to hold in inside & then it usually ends up ruining my mood or others around me. I need to learn to let go of what I can't control & focus on what I can control. I understand totally about the no progress part I had that problem for about 4 mths myself. I have finally gotten over the hump & have made it to a total of -30 lbs! I have joined The BL New Year New Year Winter Challenge & am excited to be a part of that. We started yesterday. Thanks again for the update. Glad you're doing well. Wishing you & your family a wonderful holiday season. ~Val
    1952 days ago
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