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Are you a robin or a squirrel?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

(Today's post inspired by the antics at my birdfeeder)

A young robin and a baby squirrel were talking one day.

"You know, my goal is to one day reach the top of that tall tree over there."

"Really? That's my goal too"

So the two friends set out on their adventure. The squirrel scampered on the tree trunk and branches and the robin flew thru the air. When the squirrel got tired, the robin shouted encouraging things at him, and the squirrel kept going. When the robin got tired, he would rest on a branch for a bit. The squirrel would come onto the branch and they would keep each other company for a bit. When the robin caught his breath, he took off again and the squirrel kept climbing also.

In this way, they kept each other company on their journey, while each making their own way to the top of the tree.

At the top of the tree, the two friends paused to enjoy the view and savor their victories.

"You know, it must have been very difficult to do all that climbing," said the robin to the squirrel. "I dont think I could have done it that way myself."

"Well in case you hadnt noticed," responded the squirrel, "I could not have flown, as I dont have wings!" They both laughed. "But I could not have done it without your encouragement either."
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