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My Dad is in the hospital...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just found out today that my dad has been in the hospital since Sunday. One of the Brethren from his congregation saw fit to check up on him before the cold snap that was to hit Kansas Okla and Texas, and discovered him talking incoherently. It's a miracle that an email from Amazon inspired me to call my dad's cell phone, which he had with him at the hospital. Or maybe coincidence, for those of you with an alternative spiritual belief system - I don't care what it is called.

I was able to get the number for hospital case manager and I knew going in that she might not believe me ( HIPPA laws and all that privacy but really no privacy stuff.). Miracles - she was really patient with my deafness over the phone (as was the guy who gave me her phone number and was patient while I was repeating to make sure I really got it.). She had to know for sure about me, before she could share info on his condition, and I understood thst. It was really a bit of struggle to get through calmly so that we could both get the info we needed )exchanging phone numbers, emails, names, etc.).

Evidently his estranged wife ( like a cult bride) won't have anything to do with him or the hospital earlier when case manage was looking for info about him or his family. So CM ( case manager) was evidently already trying to find me on thr Internet. I think she was pleasantly surprised I called her. Or just as awed by the miraculous coincidence. I really don't know.

I need more sleep. Evidently the doctor will call tomorrow to gain permission to do some procedures. I had raised the issue that I didn't know enough of my dad's affairs to know if I was listed as a Power of Attorney or any such like thst. She told me that since I'm first born child, thst Texas law says I'm next in line, since he is divorced from my mom and his currrent "wife" evidently has nothing to do with him.

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