When Two Sides of My Mouth Fights For Attention!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hey fellow Sparkers! How are you guys doing? Sparkling properly? (≧▽゚)b /winks/

I realized one of my dear friend gets pissed off by my posts about exercise, food and nutrition claiming that I'm "showing off my healthy lifestyle" on my personal blog and Twitter so I guess I should post here instead. At least someone out there might appreciate it eh (laughs)?

Anyway! It's afternoon here now at my country.

Had a 7.3 mile walk/jog that lasted for 120 minutes this morning. I did my best and jogged most of the time. Well, to me it was a jog. But at my snail speed I can only track it as a walk on the Fitness Tracker. Opps. But hey, remember the story of The Tortoise and the Hare?

So after cooling down, gasping at my sunburn (and wondering why I torture myself by jogging in midday), a good bath and a light lunch, I'm here now munching on my recent addiction: Almonds. Once I start I can't sto-... Hm. That's weird. I feel satisfied with just half an oz today! Wow! That was when I realized the whole of my mouth feels satisfied.

What does that mean? Hm, I'll try to explain...

Weeks ago I had some problems with a molar at the left side of my mouth. So after a visit to the dentist it's all well now except some sensitivity. But because the filling costed me a bomb, I try my best now to avoid using the left side of my mouth for chewing hard and/or sticky food. Of course, that includes the almonds! But after a few meals and snacks, I realized our favorite chore, i.e, eating, became boring and not enjoyable at all!

Me, not enjoy eating?! -Un-possible! Σ(゚д゚

But really, it's as if the left side of my tongue feels lonely and is craving attention like some of the kids back at the school I teach. So I tried chewing an almond on the left carefully and true enough, my mouth felt "balanced" and much more satisfied! Before I realized, I've already shut the container leaving half an ounch of almond untouched.

Me, not finishing my almonds?! -Un-possible! Σ(゚д゚

Okay, all the above sounded like a 2 year old's discovery but hey, it's very useful for me (laughs)! I know I am supposed to chew on both for a healthy jaw but as I have TMJ so it's kind of hard for me. But okay, I'll try my best from now on.

So at the age of 22 years old, I've learnt how to chew (laughs). Oh, speaking of which, I've also learnt the proper way to run at the age of 22 a week ago.

...Okay. That aside, right now my shoulders are itching from sunburn. I've never had the habit of applying sunblock (may be just a little on my face sometimes) and as my skin is on the fairer side, I thought becoming a little tan should do no harm.

Slim, dark and healthy with your favorite bikini running across the beach, woo, every girl's dream! No?

Dreams did not come true though, I end up bringing home some roasted pork shoulders instead.

So at age 22, before 2012 end, I shall learn to apply sunblock too.

That was "Fail of the Day 1". There's part 2.

I bought a running belt online so I could bring my keys and phone out during my jog. The color matches my running shoes perfectly and it was cheap! Only $5! And hey! It was delivered real fast and I received it yesterday evening. So enthusiastically, I wore it out today and to my horror!! The black dye stained my $50 Liz Lisa (popular brand in Japan) key wallet and $40 Adidas tank top!!


Was able to remove some of the stains on the tank top using color bleach but my key wallet! Swear I almost cried when I discovered the stains. But oh well, lesson learnt. (x_x)

Ah oh ah! There's one good thing which compensates all the bad things I met today though!

I weigh myself after my bath (naked, of course) and the scale reads 58.1kg! Meaning I am only 100g from my goal for 2012! Shall work on that! Hopefully the weight that came off won't creep back before 31st December.

Shall get ready for dinner now. So long! Hope you guys had/will have a great day too!

Ahh... my shoulders. (T_T)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It's never too late to learn new things! Thanks for the reminder! Have a great day! emoticon
    1956 days ago
    I love this post - I totally have to balance out my chewing too. I guess now that at least two of us agree, it's not weird, right?

    And I had a friend (LL) who said the same thing about my jogging app posting to facebook. So I quit posting my runs. And two other people said they missed hearing about my running because it motivated them! So I started posting again. LL complained, saying "No one wants to read about stuff like that!" So I told her that I wasn't doing it for other people, I was doing it for myself, to be accountable. And she decided that it was a good idea and started supporting me! I'm glad I didn't snap at her and tell her, "YES! ACTUALLY, other people DO like hearing about this!" .... but I still sort of want to. :)
    1956 days ago
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