Week 2 Day 2: Steady as she goes

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today was a good day! I actually *GASP* spent 40 minutes strength-training today. WOOHOO!!! Aiming to do more on Thursday and possibly Saturday. =D

I'm realizing more and more that while the fitness aspect comes relatively easy to me (thank you, Zumba!), my eating definitely needs some close monitoring. While I'm struggling a bit to eat the minimum amount of calories and carbohydrates, I'm usually good on protein and always on the high end of my fat grams. I really want to make sure I'm not going over my sodium or fiber either. It's all a balancing act really, and I'm learning! In order to hit all my nutritional minimums, I had to finish out the day by eating an orange, dark chocolate covered almonds, and a cup of chocolate almond milk. It's kind of awesome, actually.

~~~~~~~~~~Here are the numbers!~~~~~~~~~~

7-8 hours of sleep a night: 2/7

Within calorie range of 2030-2380: 2/7 (2165 today)
Within fat grams range of 45-93: 2/7 (87 today)
Within carbohydrate range of 228-387: 2/7 (228 today)
Within protein range of 60-208: 2/7 (116 today)
Within sodium range of 500-2300: 2/7 (1757 today)
Within fiber range of 25-35: 2/7 (29 today)

Minimum of 8 glasses of water: 2/7 (8 today)
Remembered to take my vitamins: 2/7

Cardio: 10 minutes on the treadmill at 3.8mph to warm up and 53 minutes of Zumba today
Strength-training: 1/3 (40 minutes today-yeah!!)

Total fitness minutes: 103 today, 243 this week so far
Total calories burned: 1023 today, 2372 this week so far

Just trying to remember to be patient with myself, not expect to see results RIGHTNOWRIGHTNOWRIGHTNOW, and keep steady. =D
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