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Black Belt Testing - DONE!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I know I haven't been blogging too much lately but have really been focused on school and work and the upcoming holidays in addition to training really hard for my tae kwon do black belt test that I had this past weekend.

I got there at 4:00 p.m. Friday because they said we were going to do the run/cardio portion early and then didn't end up starting until about 5 p.m. I did the inside cardio because the last time I ran outside in the cold (it was barely 40 degrees) I needed my inhaler three times that night so I had to err on the side of caution. 5 minutes of jumping jacks, 5 minutes of mountain climbers, 5 minutes of bicycles (or other ab exercises - I switched between a few of them) and then the other 10 minutes was line drills down the dojang such as knee strikes, high rising kicks or crescent kicks. Got my heart rate right up there!

Then on to sparring. Got my gear on and waited. And waited. Sparred one round. Then waited. And waited some more. Sparred my other two rounds and then that was finished - my LEAST favorite part!

Then waited some more. After it was my group's turn for more cardio we did kicks on the wavemasters (stand up punching bags). We had 1 minute for each kick. Right leg first and then the left leg. Ages 40+ had to do a minimum of 50 per leg (I did 70-80) and the youngsters needed to do a minimum of 70 per leg. We did side kicks, roundhouse kicks and front kicks.

Then we waited a little more.

Started at the very first white belt form and went up from there. 13 forms were mine. At the end of those, we were asked to sit and watch the rest of the upper level black belts finish their forms. On of the instructors from another school was testing for his 4th degree plus (I don't remember which level of 4th degree) belt so he had many forms after I did. We sat for quite a while and I started getting very stiff. At the end of his forms we had run out of time to do the kicks they would have us do so we totally lucked out!

I figured it out using my Bodybugg and out of the 4 hours, I actually only did 102 minutes and burned around 500 calories. I was stiff and sore from working out so intensely and then sitting and then working out intensely and sitting, etc.

That was the end of the Friday night test and we still had the Saturday portion to do. Saturday is much easier with just having to perform our highest form, some kicks and punches, our self defense techniques and our board breaking.

We had one chance to break our one board. They called out a reverse roundhouse kick for me. With a roundhouse kick you kick with the top of your foot and I had avoided doing those for breaking because I had heard so many horror stories about people hurting themselves, etc. It's much easier to break with the ball of your foot or your heel since there's more padding there! So I figured - if I'm going to hurt myself anyway, I'd better break it with ONE kick. So I did! And the top of my foot hurt all night but it was better by the next day.

Then Sunday I went on a bakery tour of Milwaukee bakeries with my 4 aunts, my sister and my cousin. We had a BLAST! They have food tours all over the country so I would highly suggest anyone try one. It was a great time. We went to about 6-7 bakeries and got samples at every one and had time to purchase things for ourselves if we wanted. And it was only $50 per person. I would totally do this again!

So hope everyone had a great weekend. Now on to the rest of the week!
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