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Day 58- Patience of Job

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I have always been supportive of teachers and school staff, they have to be some of the most patient people around. Working at the schools once a week has deepened my appreciation for all they do and it has also taught me a valuable lesson.... even as parents, there are times we HAVE TO FIND the patience of Job.

This week, I spent the day at my daughters school. First, I got up and got moving first thing. I made hot breakfast for the whole family again today, pancakes and sausage for the kids and a breakfast sandwich for Tami and I with 2 eggs, fat free cheese and turkey bacon on Oroweat Healthful bread. Checked some emails, did some posting... the morning flew by and it was time to go to school. Did my bus unloading duties, did my rounds of the campus and off to cassie's classroom first.

Test of patience #1 - my daughters 5th grade class has to be one of the most ornery classes I have ever seen ya'll. They are loud, rude and obnoxious quite often. What makes matters worse is that they currently have a permanent substitute teacher while their regular teacher is on an extended leave of absence. The sub is a really nice guy, tons of years of teaching experience since he is 67 years old, but I am not too sure coming back to teach after retirement was the right call. He lacks the tools to "handle" the classroom. It took every ounce of patience and biting my tongue to make it through the 30 minutes I was in there. I didn't do the whole hour because he had nothing for me to do.

I left and went and did patrols around the perimeter and the hallways, getting high fives and saying hi to folk. I then arrived early to help out a third grade class. The teacher I always go help was Cassie's third grade teacher. She is the nicest, sweetest and most bubbly teacher you would ever come to know, I love her to pieces. The difference shows because every class of hers I have worked with are the most awesome kids you could ever want to work with. I stayed extra time there helping a student through the process of preparing to write and publish her first book for the class. Mrs Meeker does this every year, and the kids LOVE it. Then it was off to do more patrols and then head to the gymnasium/cafeteria to work all three lunch sessions.

Test of patience #2 - For the most part, working in the lunch room is not that difficult of a task. Patience is usually pretty simple. Today, however, was a bit more challenging. Now mind you, it wasn't all just the kids faults, the staff deserved some of the blame for this one. You see, this week they are having a book fair in the library every day, which I think is GREAT! However, the organization of how it is run is a WHOLE NUTHER BALLGAME YA'LL!! The kids opportunity to go to the book fair was during their recess before lunch, which would have been fine...... BUT, nobody was paying attention to a clock and making sure these 3rd graders did their business and got to the lunch room on time to eat. Everybody who came to the lunchroom got fed, they even offered 2nds of chicken nuggets. After all these kids went through the line for 2nds, what happens??? 8 students who dilly dallied at the book fair show up with 5 minutes left of their lunch period to eat!! Guess where their portions went?? Needless to say, i was just slightly MIFFED, but I kept my cool and suggested a way to handle the 4th and 5th grade lunches to make sure this didn't happen again. 4th grade lunch comes, my plan is implemented, kids were hurried through their time at the book fair and sent on their way so this didn't happen again. Everybody got their servings, 25 kids got 2nds again and LO AND BEHOLD here come 7 4th graders with 5 minutes to spare AGAIN!! They were sent on their way.... the problem is, nobody stayed with them to keep them on task UUUUUUUUUUUGH!!! 5th grade lunch comes and the plan is implemented to perfection, thank you very much, I think we got this down now....... THINK AGAIN!! Now the lunch ladies are freaking out because they are running OUT OF FOOD!!! Those 50 extra servings came back to bite them in the butt!! Everybody got fed BARELY!! Glad that's over with, now i spend the rest of the day in the gym helping out with PE. I actually look forward to that now because I can actually keep up with and workout with the kids and it's GREAT!!

Test of patience #3- Normally, PE is a lot of fun, good size classes, not too much to handle. Somebody forgot to mention that the music teacher was gone, and now the PE classes were TRIPLE in size!! UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH #2 lol. The PE teacher and I work really well together, but with classes that big, it was REALLY challenging!! We make it through 3 classes of kids, just a little challenged. Somebody should have cancelled the 4th class ya'll.... Here they come..... wound up tighter than a wind up airplane!! LOUD and EXTREMELY DEAF!! I now know why the PE teacher loves it when i'm there.... they pushed the wrong button.... and they PAID THE PRICE!! Mind you, I stayed patient, I stayed cool...... They got their butts whooped though, BOY HOWDY!! When I was done, the PE teacher took over and whooped them some more since I had to go do my patrols and prepare for end of day departure duties..

Came home to a warm house, a wonderful meal and now I am sitting here recuperating from my day at school. Tomorrow is weigh in day.... and if I can get out of bed LOL, tomorrow is back to the gym. Have a great night!!

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    I love reading your blogs Paul!
    2014 days ago
    What a day and congrats on keeping your cool.
    When my kid started school many many many years ago, law and order still prevailed in schools. However, on first meeting with his teacher, she said "I won't believe anything about what your kid tells me about his home, if you don't believe what he tells you about the classroom - without checking first" great advice because my goodness he sure came home with "stuff" and it was ALWAYS teachers fault. LOL
    2014 days ago
    I have to commend you for being so involved! The schools around here don't support that level of parent involvement! Amazing job keeping your cool! Patience is something that I am working on just as much as losing weight. It doesn't come naturally to me. Most days, I want to run screaming from dealing with just my kids!
    2014 days ago
  • DAWN14163
    I can't believe a teacher had NOTHING for you to do! I'd have loved you to come in my classes - you'd have been kept busy! Your organisation skills look like they could be well used. Have you thought about teacher training yourself? Bet you'd be brill!
    2014 days ago
    A day of patience indeed, good job!! It is amazing to think and realize how hard our teachers work and they do it every day, then take so much work home with them. I love teachers and they love parents like yourself that come and help out.
    2015 days ago
    2015 days ago
    Awesome day honey!

    Looking forward to the gym tomorrow. OWIE!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2015 days ago
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