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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I weighed myself today and was disappointed cause I lost not even a pound. You see on the first week i lost 6 pounds. And the next two weeks I lost absolutely nothing.im working hard and eating as clean as possible so I have a reason to be disappointed, no eh? I'm on the verge of giving up ,eew right? luckily I stumbled upon sparkpeople and read several blogs. HeRe are several things that I've learned :

1. The scale is not the only determinant of success. This is so true, I may not have lost a single pound today but hey I am definitely stronger now. I can do 10 pushups now, I can't even do one when I started 3 weeks ago. I have better posture too, credits to Pilates. So you see success does not always come in numbers.

2. determination is not..... It's not when you do 10 pushups fast and easy, it's when you keep pushing when you can't even do one with proper form, it's not when you enjoy walking/running outside while people are watching, it's when it seems you'll die of shame when people sees your fatness but you keep running/walking anyway. It's not when you naturally hate fatty foods, it's when you try hard to avoid it. You see determination is not when you do things easily, its when things are hard but you keep doing them anyway.

3. Keep doing it. This is a reminder to myself that I have to keep exercising though I may not be seeing scale results. It is better than just sitting in the couch the whole day and eating junks. I have to keep pushing and I know in the end I will reap the harvest If I do not lose heart.

Let's do this!
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    Thanks for the support guys!
    1986 days ago
    Don't give up....it'll happen!!!
    1986 days ago
    Don't be too hard on yourself! I found out I wasn't losing because I wasn't eating enough. Seriously. You read that correctly! I had to eat more to lose. I am training for the 5 k Your Way walk/jog. When i added that to my schedule of 3 cardio days( the 5k took the place of my walking routine.), 2 strength days and 3 yoga days, I stopped losing. Make sure you get a good grip on what your calorie needs are. I went from 1400 to 1800 calories a day. Also, if you are just beginning strength work, you can hold quite a bit of water while your muscles repair and build. Try drinking green tea. It really does help release fat.

    It is what I use. I am NOT affiliated in any way, shape or form. lol
    1987 days ago
  • KFH3107
    You appear to have things figured out - now just go for it ! My catch phrase is "Be a Nike" in other words "Just do it"! We all believe in you. Have a great week and keep up the determination and the success will follow.
    1987 days ago
  • EWL978
    Doing good!! Don't be too hard on yourself. You need to remember that you didn't "put it on" all in one day....and it's surely not coming off in one day....

    I don't mind that I've only lost 17 pound since May! At least I've lost 17 pounds since May!! It's all in your perspective.

    Keep on keeping on!!
    1987 days ago
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