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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I need one of those signs that get hung on peoples backs that says "kick Me!". Only mine would say "Kick Me If You See Me Eat!". I've been "off" my good eating habits since Friday and I'm really struggling to get back to them. Maybe it's the time of the year...I don't know, but I need to do SOMETHING to get back on track. Today started out good. Then I went to Wal Mart (more on that trip in a bit!) and came back with 3 boxes of chocolates for the group here. Of course I had to have some too. The allure of chocolate! And since I went to Wal Mart at lunch, I missed another lunch workout. I did however go on a 20 min walk with a bunch of my group at last break. UGH!!

So the trip to Wal Mart. I have a fave pair of jeans that I've worn so much you can see light though them (well...though the front thigh part of them). They are about to give up the ghost. So I went to Wal Mart to get a new pair. I tried on 3 pairs and found one that is the right cut and fit for me. You can get the same size in an item but each one will fit different, depending on where and who makes them. Anyway...so I found a pair for $20. Then picked the cursed candy and a drink (flavored water..no calories there!)., got into the 10 items of less line and guess what? Yep..the old man ahead of me had like 20 or so items. emoticon So there I stand...a line has formed behind me, with another old guy right behind me. He starts grumbling out loud about the old guy in front of me..making comments and stuff. I'm just keeping my mouth shut. So after old guy #1 has his stuff all rung up (to the tune of $109.03), he whips out.....STACKS of ONES! OMG! Really? That set the rest of line behind me off! He hands the clerk the first stack (they were paper clipped) and says..there's $25 there. What...he expects the clerk to take his word? So the clerk counts the first stack...nope...only $20. The old guy says are you sure? So the clerk counts it again. By now I'm afraid a fight is going to break out behind me! The clerk says..again..no...only $20 here. The old dude behind me says as loud as he can..."He can't count to 10...what makes you think he can count to 25?". emoticon I'm getting ready to duck as the first old guy glares at the second old guy. This goes on for each stack of ones. The clerk gets done with the last stack and looks at the old guy...he's short 3 cents. So now the first old guy is digging in his pocket for pennies. The lady behind the second old man is just totally disgusted. She's going on about rude people and such. I pay for my stuff (debit card...it took me all of 30 secs to do) and I'm OUT of THERE! emoticon The strange things is...I went to the same Wal Mart yesterday at lunch and you know what...some lady (a young one) did the same thing. Paid a huge tab with all ones. Its the Season for ones I guess! emoticon

Dinner last night was Pork Tofu and dessert was cookie dough. I have to stop THAT too...the cookie dough! And I am going to start working out at night! I have too!

My Christmas shopping is almost all done. I ordered the last item I needed for Miss Malia from Amazon today. Now I just need it to get here so I can mail everything to Oregon. My son's I'll get next week. he's going to be here for Christmas so I don't have to mail it. And then there's my hubby.....he wants money or a gift card from Fig Speed. He wants new brakes and front wheels (rims) for the race car. That's close to 1K and there's NO way I can do that..not with a big car payment looming. I can do maybe $100 to $200. But if we get my 95 Mustang sold before Christmas...he can have some of the money from that for the brakes and stuff. emoticon As for me...I'll be thrilled if I get the new FitBit One. I was going to buy it myself but hubby said he was getting it for my Christmas gift. And we have to get his kids gift cards. So let the festivities start! emoticon

Weather is suppose to turn COLD here and rainy. NOOOOOO...not on my new car!!! emoticon emoticon

Ok...I guess that has just about covered my day today...oh yeah...hubby just called..there's a water main break on the road I take home...so now I have to go a different way. Oh Joy! emoticon

Anyway..have a kick butt evening everyone! Luv ya all!

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