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Just a speechless vent.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I am rarely (as in never lol) left speechless - until today.

We have a brand new puppy who we have had for 1 week, she is 10 weeks old and is a true runt. She requires middle of the night feedings. Hub agreed from day 1 he would do them, as I get to bed about 2 AM and he gets home about 5 to 6 AM (that is his feed) and then I am back up at 10 AM.

Today I get up to a note from him that she seemed sleepy so he skipped the feed and her time out of crate (he always lets her have some play time so she will use bathroom).

I had a horrible time sleeping last night & did not get to sleep til 4AM (which he knew about) so I did not get up til noon thinking she was fed, bathroomed & fine.

Her crate was full of pooh & pee and she was starving!

I was PO to say the least!

At first I tried to calmly get him to see that she does not know what is best for her and that is why we humans are in charge.

He blew a HUGE HUGE fit! Said he was leaving me forever and on and on he went.

Finally he takes other dog outside potty and comes back in. I said to him (just to try to calm things the heck down!)"OK, I will do the night feeds from now on. He responds with "I am so sick & tired of being responsible for you so I am leaving". I respond with "if your tired of being responsible for me what does leaving do, you'll leave me with the bills, the business and I listed a few other things".

My thoughts about his statement were that he was tired of doing things like this for me. Which are few & far inbetween any ways.

He says "no you don't get it. I am tired of taking care of YOU. It's not all about YOU, I am sick & tired of actually being responsible FOR YOU".

I stood there with my mouth hanging WIDE open. Speechless!!!!!

I do almost everything for him & around here! Not a day goes by I am not in major pain (spine injury from working so hard!)and I still keep going.

I am sure to some of you this is not a big deal, considering some of the other things he has said/done. But to me this is HUGE!

He is tired of being responsible for ME??? emoticon emoticon

I don't know how things got turned around so quickly as usually I am really on my toes/guard and am ready for what he throws at me. But this time he got me "good". :(

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    Wow! That sounds excactly like things my ex-husband used to say to me. Abusive and ugly.
    Might I happily point out that is is indeed my EX husband.
    I would recommend counseling, but is he refuses or you tried it bofore to no avail, I would equally recommend showing him the door.
    In either case make sure you get yourself some counseling as a top priority.
    1983 days ago
    OMG. It's like I wrote this blog! Hang in there and STICK TO YOUR GUNS AND STICK UP FOR YOURSELF. It took me since 2006, so I've been kinda a pushover but I am going to court this morning hopefully for the last time. Email me any time you need to vent and I will understand and support you completely.
    1984 days ago
    I like the above comment. Pack his stuff and boot him out. No one deserves to put up with that type of behavior.
    1984 days ago
    emoticon So sorry you are having to go through this.


    Melinda (gopintos)
    Perfect Health Diet Team
    Country Living Team
    Dr Oz Show Fans Team
    Wheat Belly Team

    1984 days ago
    This is not what marriage is about. As your husband, he should be loving you and taking care of you because you are more important than anything else in his life. Sound trite? Nope. That kind of love is reality for many people who have healthy marriages. That's the way it truly ought to be. You deserve much, much better.

    Please, do not let him do this to you. He obviously needs a reality check. He has no right to treat you this way. It's abuse, plain and simple.
    1985 days ago
  • MISSG180
    Get. Out. Whatever it takes, get out of this relationship. This guy is ABUSING you. Mentally, verbally, and physically by pushing all the work onto you. You are his rug, and he's wiping his spiked shoes on you. Nothing is worth this kind of treatment. He's a monster.
    1985 days ago
    I go through this at nights when 1 dog, the cute little one goes out and the old one doesn't cause "he is sleeping and doesn't want to go" til middle of night sometimes when I hear him???????

    right now Dh has unloaded hall closet which hasn't been done in 20 years...but the end of year tax papers etc. are on the table not yet this avoidance or denial????
    1986 days ago
    I would have run into the bedroom packed his clothes as fast as I could and come out with the suitcase and handed it to him. Then I would have opened the door and told him don't let the door hit him where the good Lord split him. I would have seen it as my salvation, my way out. I said you are a far stronger better woman than I am.
    1986 days ago
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