Calorie Overload and Hypoglycemia

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Calories. CALORIES. emoticon

My recommended amount is 1600 calories a day for weight loss. I began a log to really see what I put in my mouth. The first day was approx 1800, the second - 2300 approx, and the third - almost 3000. As you can probably see there is something not right here.

I can do all the exercise I want but if I am going around eating 3000 calories it's just not going to work. But how do I consume just 1600 calories and still feel okay? I have hypoglycemia so my body kinda freaks out if it gets low in sugars. So, what do I do here?

I've been looking on Spark People for the answers.

This article states that an increase of healthy protein leads to longer satiety.

This article states that there are certain percentages that need to be reached. Carbohydrates 40-65% Proteins 10-35% Fats 20-35%

This article talks about hypoglycemia and diabetes. I never knew that milk could stop hypoglycemia in it's tracks!

All these ideas are great and might help me on my way to a healthy body and way of living. I need to quit going from hypoglycemia to calorie overload! emoticon
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    I've never considered myself hypglycemic, but I've found that I no longer have that "low blood sugar" feeling or feel weak or shaky or anything like that now that I eat more protein and fat, and fewer carbs, as well as making sure most of my carbs are whole (fruits, veggies, beans, potatoes). Now I just get actual hunger when I need to eat, and don't get carb/sugar cravings either. If you read some of the Low Carb or Paleo teams on Spark, or google "hypoglycemia" and "low carb" you'll probably find lots of experiences with people getting these issues under control by controlling carbs. It can take the body a little bit of time to learn to burn fat, but once it does, it becomes much more stable and no longer victim to those blood sugar swings. And milk is mostly carbs, so I have to disagree with Spark on this one. Remember that they have to toe the line on the Government nutrition recommendations, which include tons of grains and dairy, so they're not the last word in nutrition, far as I'm concerned.
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    1990 days ago
    I'm a Type 2 and I struggle with the same hypo/eating too much conundrum. Some days I get my blood sugars right on all day... and other days, I'm all over the place. Dropping too low and having to eat food I don't have the calories to eat. It's nuts, and a pain in the arse.

    Okay, so, yeah... this wasn't good advice. Or advice at all. Just saying I feel ya' on the using calories to manage hypoglycemia means you're not losing weight problem.

    Hope you can figure something out to balance out! Good luck!

    1990 days ago
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