RE: My Personal Blogs, That I Wrote Down, Yesterday.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

RE: My personal Blogs, that i wrote down, Yesterday, thanks my lovely, lovely Sparkfriends for, all your lovely, lovely comments that, you have put, down on my, last Blog they, have really really, touched me (, they made me, cry floods of, tears as this, shows me that.

You all really, care for me, loads & loads,) i'm still, not sure if, i have the, courage to come, back here to, this website after, the Xmas &, New Year Holidays, if i do, decide to come, back to this, website please please, look out for, any of my, new Blogs lol, lol lol lol.

I have just, checked my Sparkmail, page & for, some unknown reason, (which i, do not know, about !!!!), the computer has, lost some pages, off my Spark, Mail it did, show 150 pages, it now shows, only 30 pages, !!!! !!!! !!!!, somebody or something, is taking the, mick out of, me (somebody upstairs, has got it, in for me, lol lol lol, lol lol), & i do, not like it, 1 little bit.

I really really, do appreciate how, you all care, for me &, about me so, much it is, really really touching, me (making me, cry again), but i know, this sounds really, daft to some, of you but, i kind of, love you guys, so so much, i will be, sorry to go, when i break, up from here.

Next Saturday 22nd, December 2012 (, that is my, last posting day, on Sparkpeople), before the Library, closes up for, the Xmas &, New Year Holidays, i do want, to come back, but do not, know if i, can do it, as these past, few days have, really really upset, me & i, do not want.

The same thing, to happen again, to me if, i do decide, to come back, to this Sparkpeople, Website this is, what is actually, worrying me at, this precise moment, in time !!!!, !!!! !!!! !!!!.
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