Week 2 Day 1: Slightly miffed and confused-but not deterred!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Okie dok. Soooooo....week 1 run down: I tracked food every day (almost every thing I ate, but not quite-gotta work on that), remembered to take my vitamins 5/7 days, got 7-8 hours of sleep 5/7 days, drank at least 8 glasses of water 7/7 days, and the fitness minutes...oh the fitness minutes! I worked out to the tune of 500+ minutes and a calorie burn of over 5500. Crazy, right? CRAZY. Now, I'm going to admit that I weighed myself multiple times today before officially logging my weight for my Holiday Challenge Snowmen Team stats. It went from 279 to 277 so you KNOW I took that 277.

That means a .2lb weight loss this week. The glass-half-full part of me says-yay, a loss is a loss! The other part of me says-was it reeeeeeeeeally a .2lb loss or a 2lb gain? Eh? EH?!

I guess I'll see when I hop on the scale tomorrow.

Now, someone commented on my last blog about this debacle, wondering if I wasn't eating enough for my calorie burn. But I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. tells me that for my calculated weekly calorie burn of 4380, I should be eating between 2030-2380 calories. A day. That's right ladies and gentleman, every day I am eating over 2000 calories.

Now I've learned that it's better to be within your calorie range than under it. And if I keep up my workouts this week like I did last week, this means that I'm going to burn another 5000-5500 calories or so this week. If I recalculate my fitness goals, it's going to have me eating even MORE calories. Trust me-I understand the absurdity over my concern that I'm worried it'll be suggested I eat MORE. But I'm finding it hard to be within the 2030-2380 calorie range. I can't imagine having to eat more than that! I'm thinking it might be wise to just keep things as they are this week and see what happens on the scale next Monday before adjusting any numbers. I'm not comfortable increasing my calorie recommendation right now. I'm giving myself another week to see what happens.

I've decided to take a cue from the fabulous LOLATURTLE and work with numbers this week to really see what I'm doing. And so...let the mathematical magic begin!

Within calorie range of 2030-2380: 1/7 (2070 today)
Within fat gram range of 45-93: 1/7 (76 today)
Within carbohydrate range of 228-387: 1/7 (251 today)
Within protein range of 60-208: 1/7 (119 today)
Within sodium range of 500-2300: 1/7 (2078 today)
Within fiber range of 25-35: 1/7 (33 today)

Minimum of 8 glasses of water: 1/7 (10 today)
Remembered to take my vitamins: 1/7

Cardio: 45 minutes on the treadmill at 3.3mph and 50 minutes of Zumba (I always leave with my shirt DRENCHED) today for a calorie burn of 1083
Strength-training: 0/7

I think sodium is a problem area for me as I seriously love me some sunflower seeds-in the shell of course. Seeds with sea salt, Chile Lime-flavored seeds, the two combined...yeah. I realize they're only a vessel for salt however, and I already get plenty of sodium in my diet, so I'm cutting these out for now. I also tend to go over my fiber range as well, and fat sometimes too (I love nuts!), so I'm reeeeally keeping an eye on these this week.

And yes, I'm gonna get in some strength-training this week. I don't know why I seem to avoid it!!

Hope everyone had a good Monday! =D

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    Way to tell the crazy lady who suggested you weren't eating enough (me) you got everything under control and your body was just adjusting. Congratulations on the weight loss. emoticon
    1989 days ago
  • HFAYE81
    Hey I'm in the same boat!! For the past few weeks, especially since I have upped my strength training, I have gone 500-1000 calories over what I'm "projected" to burn and it's suggested that I reconfigure my calorie range.

    I DON'T WANNA!!! I'm so afraid that I'll be stalling my weight loss! But seeing as it's been a consistent overshoot of calories burned (and I refuse to let up on the workouts!) I'm going to reconfigure my calories at the end of the week. I just have to suck it up emoticon

    Isn't LOLATURTLE a genius?? I've been using her 1/7 calorie plan for the days when I go allows me to have a bowl of ice cream and then be a good girl the next day and stay in the lower part of my range emoticon
    1989 days ago
    Remember you can get your calories from fresh veggies too. I am a sucker for Lay's Potato Chips. I could eat a whole bag of those no problem! When I need to hit my calories or if the munchy monster is grumbling I've been reaching for cauliflower, brocolli and celery. Organic celery tastes SO MUCH BETTER than the non-organic stuff, and since it's in season it's not too expensive. I can eat a whole head of cauliflower in a day, don't feel guilty, hit my calorie goal and satisfied my junk food craving.

    I wish you luck getting this balanced!

    1989 days ago

    Sounds like you're doing great hitting all your nutrition and fitness goals!!

    Awwww, lookit all your numbers... emoticon

    I can't really help with the other stuff... I burn about 1/5 of what you do per week!! hah. So I'm eating a lot less, also. It's hard to compare. But again, like I said, I often have weeks of nothing nothing nothing, then BAM lose 6 pounds. My body is weeeeeird. Keep doing what you're doing - I'd say you'll have a better idea of what's working after month than a week! hang in there!
    1989 days ago
    Hey, JENCANTA -- I understand where you're at, I really do, but I think you are overly obsessing over the numbers. I usually weigh myself once a day and yesterday I was 234.0, today I was 236.0 ... WHAT? now I don't know if I looked at the scale wrong yesterday or what... but, i do know that I will eventually get there if I stay within my calorie range. Which, incidentally, I am not doing very well at this week. But I'm pretty sure I am am at least staying close enough to not really gain any weight back.

    I'm really impressed by your exercise and eating, but I just have to think you are expecting a little too much, too fast!

    We all have to set our own goals and our methods for getting there, but maybe you should reconsider if you are becoming frustrated by your apparent lack of progress and reset your goals. Just a suggestion... I wish you all the best!


    1990 days ago
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