The Secret revisited

Monday, December 10, 2012

My blog last week was called 'The Secret' in which I mentioned the three pronged strategy for weight loss. Those are:
1) cardio
2) strength
3) calorie maintenance

Even with cardio and strength, our weight loss efforts will be for naught if the calories are not managed. Trust me - been there, done that.

The question then came up as, "Okay, if calorie maintenance is the key to losing weight, why work out?"

Good question. After posting the blog last week, one of the trivia questions was about the necessity of exercise. If you only manage calories to lose the weight, the body reacts by throwing out not only fat stores, but muscle tissue and even bone density in some cases.

I hadn't considered bone density. It sounds to me that a restrictive intake by itself could be bad for your health. Was that too subtle? Don't mis-read that statement... calorie restriction is necessary for weight loss, but without exercise it can be bad for your health.

So: Cardio + strength + calorie maintenance = weight loss.

Be creative with the workouts and you'll find they don't take a lot of time out of your day. Heck, I manage my strength training at the office. Instead of hanging out at the water cooler or going outside puffing on a cancer stick (I don't smoke anyway - never have, never will), I go in the weight room and do three sets of a particular exercise. In a few minutes I can complete one of the daily strength exercises. Five or six trips to the weight room and I'm done with strength for the day. WooHoo!

You could do the same at home during commercials! Be creative!! Stay with it... the results are well worth the effort.

Those following me for a while have seen the Walk Across America team map at
We finished the approx 4,000 mile trek in seven months - April 15 to November 16 of this year.

I have a map of my own progress and I'll share it with you. It's not nearly as impressive as the combined team distances, but here it is:
In a few days, I'll be out of Virgina headed west.

That's it for today. Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep doing something for your fitness and health each day!
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