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Life Lesson: Consistency Not Perfection

Sunday, December 09, 2012

This seems to be the theme of many of my blogs this year, and as the year wraps up, I have been reminded that it is Consistency that matters most, NOT perfection.

I kind of hate the word perfection. I feel like to call myself a perfectionist, I am implying that I believe I'm perfect - I don't. Nothing could be further than the truth. I've just always tried to do my best (not a bad thing), but when it turns into either doing something "perfectly" or not at all, then it's completely inhibiting. It holds me back from reaching small and large goals.

The good news: I've made a lot of progress over the last few years. For instance, although I still have a basket of childrens clothes to iron in the laundry room, I have gotten over the need to iron EVERYTHING. I don't do baby washcloths, pajamas, sweats or most undershirts (unless the collar is jacked up) anymore. I'll invite family and friends over even if my house is not perfectly clean, and I'll go out and do fun stuff with my family on the weekends even if all my "chores" aren't done - I think that's one I had to get over from my childhood. Saturday was house cleaning day. We had to DEEP CLEAN the house every Saturday as a kid before we could do anything fun. Yeah. I'm so over that one. There are other things I've lightened up on too.

I still have work to do in this area though. I still get stuck in the mucky rut of perfectionism when it comes to my diet and exercise. I have injuries that I'm working on healing, so I find myself using that as an excuse not to exercise sometimes. Also waiting to start eating healthy until after this or that special event where I know I will eat less than perfectly. There have been times this year that I was able to maintain consistency and give up the perfectionism and it really made a world of difference! I lost weight. I felt good. I let go of guilt and shame that comes with not being "perfect".

I've had 2 sparkfriends this week that really "sparked" me to remember that I just needed to take this one day at a time. Sometimes even one moment at a time.
My friend LeVell (Midnighter1) who writes some very inspiring and tough love blogs, reminded me to "SEIZE THE DAY". Stop waiting for tomorrow, or next week or after the holidays or whatever. Just do the best I can with each day and each decision I have to make. Life is too short to wait until tomorrow. What are we waiting for anyway?

Another great sparkfriend Jessica, wrote and reminded me to remember that it is "Consistency not Perfection" that will get me to reach my goals. Perfection is not realistic. Nobody is perfect, eats perfect or can even exercise at 100% capacity 100% of the time. She also reminded me to love myself, because God loved me first! I love that! It amazes me to think about it, but God thinks I'm great, and really, who's going to argue with God? :) I am great with Him.

Then I just finished a very good book today called "Believe it, Be it" by Ali Vincent who was the first female Biggest Loser winner. She was very inspiring. She talks a lot about believing in yourself, seeing yourself as successful, asking for support and dealing with the reasons why we're overweight to get to the root of the problem. She also talks about giving back, and doing things to serve others that will "feed" us in other ways. (I think this will be a major goal for me as I look to 2013)

So, tomorrow I'm taking my aching feet and knees to the gym for a nice swim and water aerobics, because that is what I can do right now. ( Mentally it is difficult for me not to be able to run, do burpies, drills and spinning)

I have an appointment with a new doctor on Wednesday to talk about all my issues. I'm also going to get blood work done to check my cholesterol, thyroid, vit. D and all that good stuff. I'm excited to go see him because I can't wait to get this debilitating pain alleviated and get on with my life ASAP. I haven't had to see my doctor for anything other than pregnancy in years, but now here I am with a list a mile long to discuss with him. I am positive that some of this is weight related and that is all the more reason to stay consistent with my healthy habits.

Also, as soon as I finish up this blog entry, I'm going to make a meal plan for the week. This helps me stay focused and on track. Even if I veer from it a little, at least I have it for reference.

I'm also going to start TRACKING again! This is going to be hard at first. I stopped a few years ago because I found that when I eat an all natural balanced diet, I naturally do not usually over eat and the weight came off. In reading a lot of the success stories here on spark and in Ali Vincent's book, I notice that most people who successfully keep the weight off track their food daily, even after they lose weight. It makes sense. It makes us conscious of our food choices and aware of our calorie intake. I know all how easy it is for portion sizes to gradually increase the longer I go with out measuring, weighing or tracking. This is especially true for my little snacks.

Finally, I'm going to start setting some small goals along the way. My first is to lose 8lbs by Christmas. I have just over 2 weeks, and plenty of weight to lose. I am sure that as long as I keep up my healthy diet, water and exercise up CONSISTENTLY (not necessarily perfectly) until Christmas day, that I can lose 8-10 pounds. I'm going to reweigh myself tomorrow, because unfortunately I think I've gained a few pounds since my last update on my ticker.
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    I'm definitely not a perfectionist, but I totally related to the ironing part of the blog! That is a big joke among friends and family who know me, is that I am obsessed with ironing. I iron camisoles that no one sees. However, I don't iron pajamas, towels/washcloths, or underwear. :-) Ok, I might iron pajamas if we were going to be around other people in the pajamas (like if we go visit my in-laws). I probably need to let go a little bit in this area, as well, though. I iron things that don't even need to be ironed sometimes, simply because I can't believe I haven't ironed it and it doesn't have wrinkles (like, say, a pair of jeans). :-)

    Thanks for suggesting the Ali Vincent book on my page as well as talking about here in the blog. I will definitely have to get a copy. Another good read is "Fat Chance" which was written by Julie Hadden. She was almost the first female biggest loser, she was the runner up the year before Ali won. I don't know if you watched it that season (I think it was season 4) but it was when Jillian had left the previous season, and then came back in this season to form a new black team, instead of having just red and blue. It was when Kim was still doing the red team. I also have all of this season on DVD if you ever want to borrow. I think it's bootleg copies that I got off Ebay, but since I paid for it, I figure it's legal on my end, right? ;-) I could also lend you my copy of the book if you want, too. It's really good, and it's so amazing how much her life relates to mine. She also is a Christian and the book is Christian-oriented throughout, which I find very much refreshing. Let me know if you'd like to borrow either the book and/or the DVDs. :-)
    1990 days ago
    Even if you can't do a physical workout,you can still keep up with your nutrition plans. Get your check-up from the doctor and ask the important questions about what you can do ? Be proactive in achieving your goals.
    Water sports are great on the joints and are less stressful,and does wonders for the body.
    Stay focused,put the effort forth and believe that it can be done because it can be. emoticon
    1992 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/11/2012 2:18:34 AM
    Hello dear Tracy. You have been learning a lot, and you are ready to tackle 2013...starting today! :) There's no time like now, right?! Tracking your food and exercise is a tried & true method to keep you accountable to your choices, as long as you be brave and stay honest with writing it all down. Sometimes we don't WANT to write down our D.I.E.T ("Did I Eat That")

    I believe in you...not that you're gonna make perfect choices all the time, but that you can consistently make good choices and give yourself grace and patience on the times that you fall short. So, aim for the stars with losing 8-lbs by Christmas...but if you lose 4 pounds I'm gonna celebrate with you still!

    Your friend in consistency-not-perfection, Wholebodyhealth
    1992 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/10/2012 9:29:59 AM
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