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Food for Body and Soul

Sunday, December 09, 2012

We humans are so funny. We love labels, don't we?
We label ourselves, we label others; boy, do we love to label our food! "Good" and "Bad".
When some of us make reference to a food being good, we mean: YUM! we love the way it tastes. When others say a food is good, they mean it is nourishing and not bad for your body.
I've come to think of it this way, if for no other reason but to keep from confusing myself - ha:
I figure, there's food for the body, and food for the soul.
What's unfortunate is that our society has embraced such a love for the greasy, indulgent, supersized, hedonistic empty-calorie food that we've forgotten that feeding ourselves properly can feel good, too.
There's a place for BOTH kinds of food (though I personally, if given the choice, would NEVER set foot in a fast food place again!). Yes, let's face it: most of us LOVE the taste of at least some junk!.. be it gooey pies/cakes, mac and cheese (my weakness, especially the home-baked stuff), salty snacks with lots of empty calories.. whatever it is, there's something that we all are tempted by to the point that sometimes, we must give in.

It's a matter of consistency.
If 80 percent of the time you're on goal, you're a "hall of famer", baby! Every human endeavor has imperfection built into the equation. The single BEST thing we can do for ourselves is start - from right outta the chute- knowing that we'll have our "moments". That way, when they come, we won't be devastated, and crumble.

Off & on in my life I've been VERY serious about healthy food preparation & I'm quite good at it. I weigh 200 lbs not because I don't have the ability but because IN THE PAST I have lacked the consistency.
I don't anymore.
What we seem to lose sight of all too easy is that our brains LOVE habit, and that what we like and don't like is NOT etched in stone. If we don't like healthy food right now, at least as much as we like junk, it's because we've fed our bodies too much junk & not given our brain the chance to get hooked on the "feel-good" chemicals associated with eating right.
I've been in this category for a number of years now. I'm not gonna lie: if I was munching a pea pod, I can pretty much guarantee you I was dreaming it was a french fry.

My strategy now is this: when I need the comfort food moment, I take it. But I try to find SOME way to make it just a little healthier than I would have before: condiments on the side. Get rid of an empty calorie bun & replace it with whole wheat. Eat a smaller portion.
When I eat food "for the body"... the healthy stuff, I tell myself: with every bite of this, I am changing my brain, which changes my habits, which changes my life.
I have never felt stronger, or more excited for what the future holds.
Wishing you success beyond your wildest dreams.
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