It's A Wonderful Run 5K - Pictures!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

My first 5k since the summer hip injury. The goal: Have fun and don't get hurt. Or so I said. My secret (now not-so-secret) goal was to be under 40 minutes. Slow, yes. But I just didn't want to believe that I had fallen too far behind last year.

I still don't know my finish time because I messed up my Garmin settings, but the first 3 miles took just over 36 minutes. So there's a chance I did ok. (I also clocked a weight loss since last week...bonus!)

The having fun part? DONE. GOT IT. IN THE BAG. This event is so much fun! It's part of the annual "It's a Wonderful Life" celebration in Seneca Falls, reportedly Frank Capra's inspiration for Bedford Falls in his movie of the same title. The Bailey girls come out to start the race, the movie plays everywhere, and you run past Gower's Pharmacy, the Bailey Building & Loan, and Hotel Clarence. Homes along the route are lit up, playing music, and peppered with cheering "Merry Christmas!"es by the townfolk.

Our crew, overdressed for the 50* weather in upstate NY! Santa hats get sweaty! We have jingle bells on our shoes too - next year I'll get a picture of those, because this is sure to be our new tradition!

Before we started, flocks of birds gave us a 5 minute show. This pic doesn't really do it justice though, sorry. But it was beautiful!

And we're off! The timing mat is on Bailey Bridge (from whence George prays and considers suicide, before jumping into the river to save Clarence the angel).

My BF runs about twice a year, and kicks our butt each time. Oh well, we're pain-free and having a good time!

Our friends brought the coolest post-race treat - the last of the season's watermelon! This is a variety called "moon & stars" and we all dug in!

Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls!

I was a little car sick on the way home (rare...weird), so my idea of having a glass of wine was replaced by chocolate milk when we stopped for dinner (scallops and mushrooms, 1/2 a baked potato for me).

Today I'm not the least bit sore, and I'm feeling energized and capable! Just what a fun run should do for ya'!!

PS - 12/10/12: Chip times are posted - 38:51.
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