Day 349

Saturday, December 08, 2012

OK.... Where am I going tonight?? To the employee Christmas party given by the hardware store where DH works. He also drives a bus....has 2 jobs. They won't serve food until around 8:30 pm. WAY past my usual eating time. That means I'll be extra hungry due to being off schedule. I had a snack of baby carrots just now and will hope that does the trick. For that matter....knowing I'm hungrier than normal I really HOPE there's going to be something there that I can eat!!! Hope it's not a bunch of fried, super fatty foods or potato & macaroni salads and stuff. If so....then I'll just have to be hungry. I'm not eating that stuff. Period.

Got all of my cardio in today, early on. Jetta really likes the squirrels on our hikes and would love to get one. I've never had a dog that could catch one yet, so I don't think she could do it. There are too many trees around for their safety from predators. They always have a way out of trouble.

I'll report tomorrow on the Christmas party food!!! Thanks for stopping by today if you had time. Hope you had a great Saturday!! emoticon emoticon
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