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BLC#20 - Final essay =P (My thing, not a challenge)

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Back before BLC#20 started, we had some training weekends to give us an idea how the challenges would work. Included in one of those was taking some before pictures, measurements and setting some goals.

Now that BLC#20 is over, it's time to take a look back and see how I did on those.

Snapshots emoticon

Front view. Start image for comparison.

Side view (with start image for comparison).

Back view. (Taken with camera phone reversed to the lens on the face, so poorer quality.) Start image for comparison.


Neck: 13.75" (DOWN from 14")
Shoulders: 43.75" (DOWN from 44")
Arm: 13.25" ( DOWN* from 13.5")
Forearm: 10.5" (no change from 10.5")
Waist: 33" (DOWN from 34.5")
Hips: 41.5" (DOWN from 41.5")
Thigh: 23.75" (DOWN from 24")
Calves: 15" (DOWN from 16")

* Footnote: I don't remember if I measured at bicep point (12.75" now) or up near armpit (13.25" now).


Obvious goal:
1) Lose 1 pound per week average, for a total of 12 pounds in 12 weeks.
-- Not quite. I did make my original 10 to 15 pounds by exactly hitting 10 pounds down from my BLC#20 Start weight.

Primary goal:
2) Be there for my Team (once assigned), Teammates, and all participants in the BLC with cheer and encouragement, from beginning to end. Do this with SparkGoodie Gifts, comments on blogs and forum posts - aiming for at least one a day.
-- Definitely did this.

Some other goals:
3) Accept the challenges laid forth by my Team, finding ways to include them together with what I already do, and rise to them.
-- The only couple challenges I didn't completely rise to, I still wouldn't. I don't buy into "clean eating" obsessions, so I didn't even try and upfront said I wouldn't.

4) Upgrade my wardrobe, particularly shirts, by the end of the challenge - this time going into winter wear in L sizes. My XL tops are definitely too big (pretty formless along the waist). I'd like this to include at least one cute fitted sweater, turtlenecks, and some nice boots (suede, thicker heel, calf- or knee-high is the plan).
-- Doing very good on this one - and got fitting underthingies too. Now just need some new workout leggings that fit right.

5) If I actually lose at least 12 pounds, I'll be ending very close to my original goal of 160. Think as much with how I'll transition to maintenance as with losing, considering how my typical meals and snacks will be adjusted, how or whether my workouts will change, and decide if I want to drop to a half-pound loss per week which means taking a little longer but smoothing the adjustment.
-- I'm on the At Goal & Maintaining + Transition to Maintenance team, and reading articles on Maintenance. I decided to leave my SP goal set to 1 pound per week simply because that sets my "reach goal" date a week or two before my birthday which would be kinda cool.

Link to team for those who also may be interested:

No, you do NOT have to be at goal or even close. You can join the team when you are first starting out, before you even lose a single pound. Thinking ahead with Maintenance is truly about planning a lifestyle you can live with long-term - aka the rest of your life. It can be the best adjustment for your thinking to move away from the yo-yo diet / regain cycle.

I'm going to end with a picture that is a good reminder of how far I've come. This was taken (obviously) at my son's graduation. That would have been in 2009. I probably weighed almost my highest there as well. I'd gone up and down in the two years after that - mostly depending on whether I was deliberately overeating or not. (It actually took me effort to gain and keep the excess weight on. That's one reason I try to remind people not to make comparisons to others' - mine, in particular - weight loss journey.)

Yes, that's DDa and DS.
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