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Busy, Calorie Bombs & The Binge Monster

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Things have been a little busy around here…

For my business this of course is one of our busiest times of the year. So, I have been running around here filling orders as they come in and getting them out as fast as possible. I have yet to fall behind; however, that is always a huge possibility! In the process of keeping up on orders I have made a little extra stuff for premade baskets for the stragglers that like to purchase last minute.

Absolutely all of my Yule shopping is done aside from just picking up a gift card for my step mom when I get to that particular store. Main gifts, handmade gifts, other gift cards, and stocking stuffers are all done! What’s even better is I am well under my holiday budget! No breaking the bank! Wooohoo!

Since my holiday shopping is done I have been helping a friend of mine get hers done. Her car broke down so I have been driving her around. Which mind you me getting the main portion of my shopping done early was to avoid the crazies and madness, however, for her I would brave anything!

One afternoon she insisted we go to lunch at this one place that had super yummy comfort non healthy food on the menu. As I flipped through the plastic covered pages of hamburgers and fries smothered in cheese trying to find something remotely healthy I was confronted with the unsavory relization that even the nasty wilted salads they featured were covered in high calorie junk. There wasn’t a chicken wrap, plain salad or simple soup to be found! I was completely screwed. I ordered the lessor of the evils (and I do mean the lessor of the evils!): A smoked turkey sammich with chipotle coleslaw, melted swiss, and fries. Yes, the sammich had fries ON it. I justified that I had been super good (and I had) for a while now and my calorie intake for the day was low. I planned to switch dinner for just a salad to make up for the calorie bomb. When the waitress asked me if I wanted fries, soup, or salad on the side I politely declined. The sammich was enough for me. I have to admit it was AWESOME. I am glad I showed restraint and only got it with a non-sweetened iced tea.

The second time we went out she insisted she treat me to frozen yogurt. I told her I would like to skip but she insisted. I figured, again, I had been super good. Plus, I need to learn how to balance small treats and times when calorie bombs are unavoidable. We went to a place where you pick your own frozen yogurt and toppings- however, much you want. They weight it and you pay for what you got. I ended up getting cheese cake and red velvet cake frozen yogurt with Butterfinger pieces, chocolate chips and hot fudge in a very small amount that hardly filled my bowl. It was enough for a tasty without going overboard. That night I had soup and salad for dinner to balance out that madness.

I have to say after those two calorie bombs; despite being sure I got in a work out and balanced it out with lower calorie fair for dinner, I feel super off. It’s like it reactivated my binge button again. I am getting huge cravings for sweets and comfort food again. I find myself wanting to snack at night which is my absolute downfall and unravels alllll the good I did for the day! All of that can easily slide into an “I don’t care” binge which then unravels all the good I have been doing for the month. I think its time to put myself in check and find some sort of balance before I do mess everything up! This is very off putting!

Despite all that I have been on track with my goals for the month. I have gotten all my work outs in, meditation done, and on spot with food aside from those two days. I understand that’s life and treats are a good part but I feel I am at a critical state where I need to stay focused and opt for treats that won’t trigger my binge monster for now. I am not on a strict diet, never was, I am doing a lifestyle change. I need to learn how to deal with the binge monster. My strategy was to starve him of any attention until he dies. Those calorie bombs I feel have woke him up! Ugh! Now I am back to the drawing boards on how to handle him.

In other news poor Mark is going through dentist hell. His last dentist messed up a crown from the word go and it hadn’t felt right so he went to my dentist to find there is a cavity under it. He spent 3 hours in the chair getting the crown pried off and that was it! He needs a root canal and a new crown. Right now he is miserable and not himself. This of course terrifies me for my visit in January. However, my dental work needs to be done so bring it on!

Marcie is still here with us. She is still sewing away and being her sunshinie self! She has been a huge encouragement on my goals and has joined in with me on some workouts which has been fun! She has also been a huge help in the kitchen. When I am stuck with my work stuff she has been stepping up to cook healthy dinners. Just having that load off a couple nights a week has helped with my stress levels!

I am hoping next week will be better (not that it was a total waste mind you!) and I can get the binge monster under control. I just am avoiding the scale right now. I feel like I weigh a million pounds! Bleh!

Hope everyone is well!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It's about moderation, about learning that it's ok to eat the "bad foods" as long as you eat more of the "good foods". I indulge myself with a Reese's peanut butter cup once in a while, making sure to hide the other one before I eat the one. Aww, poor Mark. It'll all be over soon.
    1950 days ago
    Yay...still sounds like a victory to me. You know that I fall weak when anything draped in cheese is set in front of me...and then starts the binging.
    Gotta say I LOVE the broccoli pic!

    1960 days ago
    I feel your pain! It's much easier for me to stay on track if I avoid all hazards (sweets and junk-type snacks). As soon as I loosen the reigns a bit it's 10x harder to avoid more snacking or a binge. It sounds like you're coming to grips with your monster. I do find that fruit helps. I can usually have an orange or some grapes and chase the sweets craving away without having it come back stronger later.
    emoticon emoticon
    1960 days ago
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