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Hello........I've been through hell and back..............

Saturday, December 08, 2012

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Hello Divas, Guys, & Dolls

HAPPY SATURDAY MORNING to all.............This week for me has been so hellish, that it had taken me to a dark place in my life that I said I would never revisit..............Now understand, I am one who pretty much don't let anything get to me, but the stealing of my daughter's laptop from our home, just literally took me over the the point where I actually sat down and begin to write out a plan of what was going to happen to the person who stole from us.

Now, my home was almost broken into by an intruder but was run off by a neighbor. Police was called, they let themselves into the home to make sure that a burglar, who was on foot, that had committed burglaries earlier in the neighborhood, was not holed up in my place. However, the police informed management of the situation and a maintenance person (one that I have asked them continuously not to send to my apartment) was sent to board up the window until they could replace it.

Needless to say, my daughter's laptop came up missing. Now, with all that was going on in the neighborhood, I don't think that the Deputy and other officers that were in my apartment took the computer. Anyhow, I made mention of this to the manager, and she said everything that she could to justify why this person, who was in my apartment, wouldn't take the computer. The only thing I could say to her was "WHATEVER".........

Well, the Deputy gave a sworn statement saying that the computers (my desktop & daughters laptop) were in the apartment when he left, so that means the maintenance guy is guilty. I have pressed charges and really, don't think anything can be done until the computer is pawned or found. So, with this being said, I was taken back to my yester years, and how I could really make a person's life miserable if they had done something to me and/or my family......that for me was my "dark, dark place"...............This kept me up all night from Thursday evening to Friday what's funny about all of this is that my mother called me, because she has this really erie "sixth sense" when it comes to her children. She called me as I was getting ready to go to the gym and asked, why was I up all night and why did I sound so agitated.........I told her I hadn't been up all night and that I was agitated that my babygirl's computer was missing. Ya'll, my mom knows me like a book from front to back cover, so what she said next kinda threw me for a loop, she said, whomever you are planning to hurt for doing this, will cause you more problems than you currently have. She said she also had spoken with my brother, who told her that when he talked to me, I had said things to him that even he couldn't talk me out of..............I have a very vindictive imagination and I will go the mile to make sure that "stuff" happens......

Anyway, after speaking with my mother for several minutes and readying myself to walk out of my door, my daughter had come down stairs and asked where I was going, I told her to the gym, which is usually my routine, but she said, maaaa, I know you better than you think........still trying to figure out what she meant by that, because I was actually going to the gym, she said..........I'm going with you..........So I waited until she got dressed and we left..............I'm not sure if this was a sign, but as we were leaving, why was that very person who had stolen from us, was out at 6 am in the morning, driving a cart, around the complex??????? The office doesn't open until 10 am!!!!!!! So, what I think happened to me, was, the Lord was keeping me from encountering this man, because what I wanted to do to him was a dish of revenge served very cold from my end...........I don't condone violence, I'm not a hostile person, nor do I bother people, I for the most part, stay to myself.

With this being said, this has been one helluva week and I hope that I can enjoy my holidays. Me and my daughter will be going home to Detroit, Michigan for Christmas, this I know, will bring me back to reality and take me from the dark place that I seem to be visiting at this very moment.

I wish each and every one of you, a wonderful Christmas Holiday and A very Happy and Prosperous New Year.........

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    hope your daughter get her computer back... hang in there
    1990 days ago
    Girl I don't even know you but just by reading ur posted had me ready to round up Keisha nem and come to your town and open up a can of whoop #**. I am not an advocate for violence of any kind but when your violated in any way it brings out feelings that you can't even comprehend so believe you me I feel you girl and we spark sistas got yo back.. Anyway your mom seems like an awesome woman so listen to her and don't let this ruin your mood especially when you have so much more to look forward too, the holidays spent with food, fun and family not a cold cell with stale baloney sandwiches and a court case lol... I hope this helps to bring you a laugh if nothing else. and remember this too shall pass. Take care Chris
    1990 days ago
    Wow...that really sounds like a bad week...I truly hope things get better for you, no one deserves that...
    1990 days ago
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