The 4-Hour Body Week 4 (aka Successful Thanksgiving!)

Saturday, December 08, 2012

I’m really behind, but I’m making a concerted effort to catch up so I can document my success as a reminder when I’m struggling. I’m recapping the week of Thanksgiving and the week afterwards.

As a reminder, this Slow-Carb Diet involves eating non-starchy veggies, meat, and beans 6 days per week. No grains, no dairy, no sugars, no fruit. Then one day per week you enjoy cheat day where you can eat anything you like. If you’d like more information on what I eat, supplements, avoiding weight gain on cheat day, and using ice packs to burn fat, please see one of the earlier blogs in this series.

Week 4 was going to be tricky, not just because of Thanksgiving, but because we were spending the long weekend in a cozy house in the mountains of NC with my foodie family. I knew that temptation would abound. I knew that my history with this cozy vacation house of my childhood was one of tradition, comfort, and celebration; three words that mean eating delicious food to me. So I had some serious challenges ahead, and with that in mind, I did my best to eat clean Sunday-Wednesday before we left town. I will give myself an A for those first 4 days of the week, I baked pies half the day Wednesday before we left town, and I managed to do minimal snitching. There were some chocolate chips eaten, I scarfed down two of those little cinnamon sugar rollups I make with the leftover pie crust, and I licked the spatula from the pumpkin pie. But I think I ate about 15% of what I normally would on a baking day like this.

On the drive up, my husband asked if I had a plan going in for the holiday weekend. Since there were a couple meals I was looking forward to, in addition to the big turkey meal, I told him I was going to try to eat clean for all but three meals. My cheat meals would be Thanksgiving dinner + pies, my brother’s fish taco night, and a French toast breakfast casserole over the weekend. Sunday I would be back to the normal plan, eating clean all day for that day and the following 5. I wasn’t looking to lose weight over the holiday, but I wanted to try not to gain any. Considering the weight loss the previous two weeks was around 1 lb each, I thought this was a reasonable goal. So how did I do?

Thanksgiving day was right on track, I ate clean for breakfast and lunch, I enjoyed a lot of that delicious dinner. And the pies were oh so good! In hindsight, I should not have gone back for 2nds on a few dinner items (turkey, stuffing, sweet potato roll). I knew I wouldn’t be eating the rolls or stuffing again, and that made me sad, so I got some more. But then I hit that uncomfortably full point. I wish I’d showed some more restraint and been satisfied with serving #1!

Friday was a great eating day, I ate clean again, no leftovers, and no pie! It was my night to cook dinner and I made my homemade, whole wheat pizza with salad. I am not supposed to have the pizza (crust + dairy), but I decided to have one piece. I added lentils to my salad to boost the protein and fiber, and was very satisfied. I felt like, even though it was a cheat, it was a healthy one and a small portion. It’s not like it was Pizza Hut pizza, it was whole wheat and loaded with veggies.

Saturday I enjoyed that breakfast casserole and the fish tacos that night. I did have an unplanned turkey sandwich for lunch on Saturday, and it was delicious. I ate some lentils on the side, trying not to substitute the bread for healthy veggies. The taco night was very healthy, it just included corn tortillas, shredded cheese, and breaded fish, all cheats. But there were also a lot of veggies eaten.

Sunday was almost completely clean and back to normal, until my step-mom baked this amazingly decadent apple pie. I know the pies I made had been eaten, but did we really need another pie? Gah! It was a really complicated recipe that had lots of different apples, some special crust with apple liquor in it, and a new pan she was using that was like a tart pan where the side falls away so you can see the side crust of the pie. Did I say my family was a bunch of foodies??!! Right before we left to drive home the pie was ready for slicing and we all sat at the table together to eat it. This is one of those social eating situations I struggle with. It truly would have offended her if I’d said no. I had already declined so much she offered over the weekend. So I ate a piece of pie and it was *passes out from high dose of scrumptious*. On the upside, that afternoon I made my dinner to eat on the road while the rest of the family ate Wendy’s. I had sliced chicken breast, with black beans, salsa, and chopped veggies. I stopped at a gas station to warm it up during our drive. It was hard smelling all that fast food while I was driving, but my tummy was full of black beans and I wasn’t hungry.
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Successes: No eating out at restaurants, healthy eating on the drive up and back, clean eating for half of Thanksgiving Day, no major binges, no constant snitching of pies, no snacking on Hershey Kisses, cookies, or chocolate-covered popcorn, no sodas. And I got two high-altitude (5000 ft.) runs in with some extreme hill-climbing intervals (up a former ski slope)!
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Struggles: 2nds on Thanksgiving meal, unplanned pizza slice, unplanned turkey sandwich, a slice of apple pie on an otherwise clean day.
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I couldn’t do my weekly Saturday weigh-in since we were out of town. My weigh-in for the two days after cheat day is always higher. But Tuesday after the trip, I weighed what I did before the trip, and that was very satisfying! I didn’t do any measurements this week, but I’m looking forward to next week’s weigh-in and measurements, because that will be the one-month mark since I started!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I bow down to you!!!! Way to go!
    2015 days ago
    I think you did great! You ate really well. Even your meals that weren't part of the plan sound healthy and delicious!

    For me, staying away from sweets has been key. Great job on doing that, even while baking and being around all those treats!

    Your blog is making me hungry--haha!

    Well done! emoticon
    2016 days ago
    You sound pretty disciplined to me. Low carb has worked for me. I wish I could get back into that life again, but right now I am trying to do it Spark-style because I love carby food and so does my family.
    2019 days ago
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