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2 weeks update

Saturday, December 08, 2012

I missed last week’s update, so I have two weeks to catch up on. Things are nuts; it’s that time of year. I feel like a ball in a pinball machine bouncing here to there – but just can’t seem to get anything done! Chaos rules for the next few weeks, which is maddening to me, but as I get older I’m learning to let a lot more roll off. There are only 24 hours in a day and I am one person and I can do what I can do…and that’s OKAY!

Moving on! Thanksgiving threw me for a loop and I’ve been working hard to get back on track. I gained 2.4 on that Saturday’s weigh in. Last week I was down 2 and this week I lost .4, so I’m back to where I was before Turkey day. I’m a little disappointed as I thought this week would be a little better, but I’ll try to use that as motivation to push forward for this week and hope for better results next week.

What drives me crazy is THIS:

Can you say OCD? I absolutely hate the fact that my blue line is above the goal line. And with this Thanksgiving’s slide, coupled with my slower rate of loss, who knows WHEN I’ll ever catch back up to that goal line. GRRRR. I have been wanting to reset my goal and my ticker since my physical last month, but wanted to hit my original goal first. (The doctor said she’d like to see me lose an additional 10 lbs past my original goal) Maybe I just need to readjust and recalibrate now so I don’t have to look at the blue line that will likely never catch up.

Then there’s the other school of thought that tells me to leave it until I reach my original/first goal. LEARN to deal with that slip up. GET OVER IT and don’t let it mess with you. Similar to one who is trying to overcome an allergy – when you continually expose yourself to it, hopefully it desensitizes you. Maybe I need to leave it there as part of this journey, to learn to accept it as part of the process, complete with all its imperfections.

I don’t know what I’ll do. I won’t make any changes today, but we’ll see where my head is next week. As for right now, I’m going to make this a great week with great decisions and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

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    Don't get so upset with yourself. This is not a linear journey it will have many ups and downs the point is you don't quit going to that goal. My vote would be to leave your goal steady. Hit that goal. really appreciate all the hard work and determination you have put in to hit that goal and celebrate your success!!! You are a success NOW! Don't get so down on yourself just keep working your tail off literally lol!!!

    2018 days ago
    You are making excellent progress!!!! I think sometimes we are a little hard on ourselves, but if we aren't...who will be? Right?

    The holidays are the hardest for me to get through---especially as a teacher! Keep pushing forward! You can do it!!

    emoticon emoticon
    2019 days ago
    Keep your original goal until you hit it. Then you can either start a new one, or change your end goal to suit your needs. At least that's what I'm trying to do. When I first put my goal weight down on virtual paper, it was such an abstract thing, 207 lbs. That would be 110 lbs from where I was starting and I had no idea if that was the right number for me or not. So, once I hit it (if I ever hit it!) I will decide whether to drop it lower or just let it sit there, (thinking I'll drop it).

    Keep up the good work and you will be where you want to be.
    2020 days ago
    I finally reset my ticker to match my ultimate goal, as it would mess with my calories so much when I would reset it to go down 10# at a time that I would get frustrated. I recently read a blog that said you have to make this workout/weight loss match your lifestyle, not your lifestyle match your workout/weight loss. It really made me think about my current plan of attack. It also kind of made me think that maybe I've fixated too much and it's turned into a "watched pot never boils" kind of thing...

    I don't know--this whole weight loss, get healthy stuff is lots harder than sitting on my rear with a quart of Ben and Jerry's watching crappy TV; however, it's also a lot more fun to be healthy too: walks with my kids because I have energy, using the deep freeze downstairs because I am willing to take the stairs, etc. To battle my recent slow down, I've decided to hide the scale and tape measure, and instead, make a list of 31 NSVs (Non-Scale Victories) throughout the month of December--it's been kind of fun and rewarding to look for them and work to achieve more.

    The scale and tape measure are the the ultimate numbers my doctor wants to see but the NSVs are a result of those numbers, so I figure it's just a different route to get to the end. Will it work? I'll let you know in about 23 days, but I do know that it's working lots better than my previous Ben and Jerry's lifestyle! :) :)

    No matter what, you've come a long way and that's not anything to take lightly! Sending encouragement and positive thoughts your way! emoticon Keep up the good work!
    2020 days ago
  • DIANER2014
    You're doing great! emoticon emoticon
    2020 days ago
    I know how you feel about that blue line thing. You are doing fantastic and just remember how much your life has changed over the past year. We have to remember what the long term goal is.
    2020 days ago
    At this time of year many of us strive to maintain. You're doing well--celebrate! Have a great day. emoticon
    2020 days ago
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