It's official (photo proves it)!

Friday, December 07, 2012

Yep, it's true! Informed sources at the North Pole have leaked the news that St. Nick has finally decided to do something about his obesity. Seems Mrs. Claus has trimmed down this year (cleaning reindeer stalls and giving the eight steeds their daily exercise is great aerobic exercise, she's found), and she's gotten tired of the supposedly "jolly old elf" grousing about his high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, shortness of breath, and aching knees. With his wife's help and guidance (and the elves' support), Santa has reportedly swapped some of his bad eating habits (including the 15 million or so cookies he consumes on December 24th of each year) for healthier fare.
So, according to Bolthouse Farms (photo), Santa has chosen a new snack food. Since he is looking to up his veggie intake, households around the world need to make appropriate plans to have a healthy plate ready on Christmas Eve. A nice veggie or fruit tray (with a glass of skim or 1% milk) would suit him just fine! And with all that new-found energy (plus a lot less poundage for those reindeer to whisk around the night sky), he'll be making his rounds more quickly, so kids better be sure to get to sleep early!
If Santa can stay on track, we all can, too...right?
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Merry Christmas!
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