Day 65 on walking streak

Friday, December 07, 2012

I honestly can't believe it is 65 days since we have gotten Allie. She is learning a lot and doing better, growing a lot too 27lbs now at 4 months on the 3rd of this month. Funny to watch her with 2 toys at the same time, Must get some new pics of her.

Well still not what I would call depressed but blah. I wanted to do a bit of decorating tonight, but can't get at the cupboard to get the stuff out for paint and stuff in the lower hall.

Did drive the crew to the legion stayed for one pop and visit as dd friend and her hubby were there too. Then I came home and walked allie, fed her and myself then went and picked them up. Was fine then read a few blogs got blah lol sometimes it really doesn't take much. Hubby swears I am bi polar cos I get so down but I don't have highs and no other tendencies just feel low fast and it goes usually fast even within half hr. If I am down just look at decorating mags and I will be fine most time.

Got winter boots, most were on sale but did find one pair on sale that felt good, then tried some others then baack to them and my toes on my L foot felt squished. Finally found a pr not in love with the look but they didn't hurt anywhere and with the square toe box I have ( my toes are all nearly the same length I don't have the reg shaped foot, and it is wide and high instep I am so happy if whatevr is on my foot doesnt hurt. Also hubby found a warm pr of slippers so now my feet shouldn't ache.

Biggest new of the day.. Long term called. Asked how I was, etc. told her that I had to get a knee replacement... ohhhhh. Then said that the functional assesment was done, that she suggested I may never be able to get back to that job but should be assesssed to do 3-4 hrs a day 4 days a week... sedentary. I said well interesting, cos she dint' have me sit for any length of time or do any type of desk things and I can't sit long cos of my back. OH are you still going to chiro... NO I told you I haven't the $$ for it. Oh maye they will give you a discount, hello maybe since I have said that my back is much worse since no chiro... you can give me more chiro. anyway. So wondering what will come of this now that I have to get my knee done told her 1.5 years to wait and 9 months to year to recuperate.
Some of the people at the legion told me to call and say you want on his cancellation list and maybe can get done in 5 months. So think once spring starts I may do this, I really don't want it done in winter. ( but who knows they may call me next winter so whatever). I told the guy who has both knees done at the same time who is 65. that I wanted time to strengthen and stuff he said yea and write that letter, and clean the house, and go visit and ..... lol he said I know what you are doing. I said oh yea for sure terrified, but do want more strength.

DD friend said tonight at the legion, so xmas eve your house right? I said well I am living in boxes, haven't any decorations, but give me a week and let me see, DD said we can do it at my house. Anyway will see.

Talking to dil today for what all they want. and having a problem getting Thomas boots, he has a high instep and wide feet ( gee sound familiar?) so told her instead of grampa ( dad) giving them a gift cert to a certain store, then he can give $ towards his boots. She said great. So will get Eva more clothes from dad and then give Anna $ as she said she wants some new stuff and that is fine. Lisa still no idea, mabye can of paint.
Told dad tonight I would take the $ for my boots, and the gifst out of his account, he said okay and what about chris and Mike I said you got them the heaters... oh yea wellllllll. LOL Geesh scrooge then forgets LOL

Well best go check the flyers and see what all is on sale that I can get for them. I will go to the local bookstore and get both kids a book and she said they didnt need toys. So will do the book instead.

Thanks for reading, feel better now and hope you all had a great day and have a super weekend. HUGS
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    Great that you are able to lift your spirits. Friday was a much better day for me too. I hope you didn't read my post the other day as it was very negative. My new one is more positive. Hope your Saturday is great.
    2021 days ago
    Thanks for sharing!


    Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
    Melinda (gopintos)
    Perfect Health Diet Team
    Country Living Team
    Dr Oz Show Fans Team
    Wheat Belly Team

    2021 days ago
  • OJ_2_OK
    Probaby not bi-polar but there could be an imbalance some where. Such as a vitamind D deficiency. Or possibly estrogen imbalance?
    2021 days ago
    Would love to see pictures of Allie. I feel blah too. I need to sleep for a day or two.

    The decorating magazines sound good to me too. I have not looked at any for some time. It would be fun.

    My feet are shaped similar to yours. It's hard to find shoes to fit. I buy wide ones.
    2021 days ago
    Glad you are feeling better..........Allie is really helping you get your exercise!

    We are having trouble getting DH's son and his girlfriend to tell us what they want, too! Pretty soon, requests will be closed..........LOL!
    2021 days ago
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