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BLC20 - Review and before/after photos

Friday, December 07, 2012

I started BLC20 at 163.4lbs

and today I’m ending it at 153lbs.

Measurement inches/pounds lost
Weight -10.4lbs
Waist -2
Gut -1.5
Hips -1.25
"R" Arm -.5
"R" Thigh -1.25
"R" Calf - 0

That’s a 10.4lbs loss in 12 weeks and my BMI is 24.7. I’m just in the healthy range. My personal goal was to lose 6lbs but then I upped it to 8lbs to reach 5% that my team wanted everyone to reach. I’m still amazed that I did it.

This was my first round at the Biggest Loser Challenge. I really enjoyed the having a group of Ninjas for support. Who in the real world cares if you lose 0.2lbs. But here you have people who celebrate everything and still encourage you when the scale isn’t your friend. So to the Hardcore Navy Ninja I just want to say thank you and I look forward to the next round.

I’m just amazed that I’m in the 150’s. I really didn’t think that was going to be possible for me again. It’s been about 10yrs since I’ve seen that number on the scale. I believe it was a combination of discovering what my food intolerances are and taking them out of my diet as well as working out a lot harder. I really have to get my heart rate up there to burn fat. The trainer said my body is just really efficient in burning fat.

I’m starting to feel good about my body. I guess I feel like a normal person and not an overweight person. I feel proud of what I’ve accomplished. I’ve worked hard, really hard to get to this point and I will continue to put in the effort to get to my goal.

As for personal goals, it’s funny to me that when I started for the last time on Aug 2011 that I wanted to get down to 160lbs. Then reevaluate to see if 150lbs was possible and now I’m looking at going even lower. I want 150lbs to be the top of my maintenance range. Yes I haven’t even reached my goal yet and I’m thinking about maintaining. I feel that if I get into that mindset now that once I get there it will be an easy transition.

So what changed? I changed. I finally realized that I need to use the tools that I was paying for. Meaning that I paid for these fitness assessments at the gym and I wasn’t using what it was telling me. Where my heart rate needs to be to burn fat or what calorie target I should be hitting to lose weight. But the biggest thing what that I needed was to be true to myself. I kept lying to myself. Telling myself that I was working out hard enough, or that bite, lick or taste didn’t count. You know, we’ve all been there and done that.

Well last week I really decided to just look at everything and just trust the process. For the month of December, I’m going to trust the process and see where it takes me. The first week it gave me a 3.6lbs weight loss. I was thrilled and in disbelief. I will continue to trust the process and see what happens. I don’t expect another big loss. At this point, in my journey I’m really looking to lose about 1/2lb a week. Anything over that a bonus.

I told myself that if I was lucky enough to get back down to a healthy range that I would appreciate this time. The first time I was young and stupid. Now I cherish it. I don’t worry that my thighs aren’t super skinner or that I still have a little belly. I know that I’m at a healthy weight, healthy BMI but most importantly a healthy BodyFat %. I finally see an end to my weight loss journey. I know that staying there is a lifelong commitment and I’m up for the task but I’m looking forward to the time when weight doesn’t consume my life. I can take that energy and focus on being a wonderful wife, mother and friend.
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