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Friday, December 07, 2012

"When I up, down and touch the ground
It puts me in the mood,
Up, down and touch the ground
In the mood for food

I am stout, round and I have found
Speaking poundage wise
I improve my appetite
When I exercise"
~Winnnie the Pooh

Right now I feel like "Pooh"! I haven't blogged about anything in a while, so I thought I'd put my thoughts into words for once.

I was trying to set a goal since my last doc visit in September, to lose just one pound a week. That didn't sound like much - one measly pound - and I could get a decent chunk of weight off of me by the end of the year. What I really want to be is under 200 lbs, and this would help me get there.

Lo and behold, it's not happening. Why? Same thing as usual. I lose a few, then my mom comes to town and stays 1+ weeks, and she has to see "everyone" (family - which means eating out). This just really throws a monkey wrench into my life....and it's ongoing! I'm doing much better with it - I make more meals, force her to eat my healthy lunches, etc., but the added salt, calories, fat, etc. of constantly going out is just killing me. Top that off with her sweet and snack tooth at night....and I just keep going up and down so that it's a big maintain overall.

Now, I know that you're probably saying, "She has the choice to eat better" and you're right....kind of. I do my best when we're out like choosing betting places to eat for lunch (Panera). But the higher salt content and fats alone are a killer day after day on weight loss and it's hard to find real low-cal for dinner. To my mom, this is a "vacation" - it happens once or twice a month. To me, it's stressful. I love my mom and want her to visit, but I know it'll be an eating nightmare (and yes, I have talked to her about it - she thinks she's my "diet buddy" but then says she's 78 and at this age, she doesn't care what she eats).

Now we're to the holidays and I'm basically the same weight. Two months have passed and I have nothing to show for it. I lost 3 lbs this week, but hey, next week my mom will be back. The good news is she'll only be here for a few days this time, so maybe I can escape the excessive bad eating. The bad news is we're right in the middle of the holiday season and it's already hard!

My niece's wedding is March 2nd. I don't want to be the fattest one in the family pictures, but I still will be. BUT I can be smaller than I am now! I need to gain control. Can I even do it??? I HAVE to do it - for me...

I'm going to take my own advice: ONE MEAL AT A TIME - ONE DAY AT A TIME!
I have to quit going on "auto-pilot". I need to make the better choice when picking out food - even if it means just cutting back on the "good stuff" and loading up with the freggies - it's still a choice. I have to stop the lazy, mindless eating (that's where I get stuck....routine and just being tired, so I choose what's easy). High sodium, fat and carbs won't get me healthy or take the weight off, so something's got to give. The trade off is filling up with more freggies and a few low-cal substitutes - it'll make all the difference.

And then there's the Bikini plate: 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbs. I need to do this too. I "forget" because I'm always on autopilot...I need to start thinking about my actions!

Oh Fluff 'n Stuff....I don't want to be the Bear of Little Brain! Time to take action and think for myself!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Brenda, we are pretty much in the same boat. We do the same program (low carb) and are close in age. We've been SP members a long time and along the way we've had success and disappointments. I too want so badly to be under 200 lbs. I could relate so much to the things/feelings you blogged about.

    The important thing is we're still here and we're still trying, we haven't given up on our goals. So hang in there, reach out for support when you need it and together we can reach our goals and dreams.

    Your Spark Friend,
    1951 days ago
    I so needed to read your blog this morning!

    1990 days ago
    Hmmmm! One step at a time! Sounds like me! I'll do it, if you will!

    1991 days ago
    Think of the Clapper... Mind On -- Mind Off. emoticon
    Remember how good it feels when you make a good choice. Keep feeding that feeling. You can do this!

    3 Pounds and Counting! emoticon
    1991 days ago
    re the sodium where ever you go to eat you can ask for it to be cooked without salt.most chefs would do this or even say a little white lie to your mom and say the dr´s says you have to cut down salt for your health so you would rather eat at can make it special like a resturant with table cloth,deco,candles could maybe to something in the slow cooker or a steamer where all can cook while you are entertaining,it doesn´t always have to be something complicated to be effective.plan an exercise you can do together weather swimming(easy on your mom´s joints)to walking even if it is only round the mall.get the family to all meat at your place(do a buffet style)that way you don´t always have to go to resturants to get together.other get to gethers can be cinema,ballet or opera.or even have a games or slide evening at home.where there is a will there is a way and i know you can be creative when you want to be can do this.p.s dancing is also fun. emoticon
    1991 days ago
    Brenda it definitely is hard to follow a normal healthy eating plan when you have company.
    I know I struggle with the same thing when our friends from New York come for their yearly 2 week visit.
    And the Holiday they make things even harder..But
    You definetly can make some progress by March 2nd.
    I know emoticon emoticon
    1991 days ago
    It's tough when other people aren't sympathetic and on board with our health and fitness goals. Good luck getting your plan on track despite these obstacles. I hope your weightloss is jumpstarted today and will be happening at a consistent basis again.
    1991 days ago
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