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Friday, December 07, 2012

Yesterday I mentioned in my status that I updated my trackers and dropped my calories... this is what I meant.

I had updated my goal weight and date (again--since I keep plateauing), but yesterday I thought... you know I don't really work out as much as I used to -- I should update that.

My surgery was 3 months ago (crazy right!?) so my whole "recovering from surgery" excuse is BS. I used to do a lot more cardio before surgery too -- now I don't. I won't get into why or how I've been slacking, but I updated my tracker to a more accurate view of what I do. I don't do cardio 5x a week for an hour like I used to... 2x for 45 at most is max. I do more ST, but again -- less than I used to. So once I updated that -- boom -- of course my calories were going to drop.

Diet is way more important than exercise for me right now -- and I was eating too much to see a weight loss -- which is why I haven't been seeing one. So my advice to everyone is to check your tracker every 2 or 3 months and make sure a) your goal weight and date are accurate and b) your exercise is accurate. If its not -- you might end up in maintenance mode like me right now.

I'm not unhappy with myself at all right now, so maintenance is okay. Giant weight fluctuations when I go on benders isn't, which is what I've been struggling with -- but my refocused dedication to tracking should help with that.

I'm going to do another one of my typical blogs next -- but I just wanted to remind everyone of how the site works. It relies on you being truthful about your goal, your weight, and your activity. When you do -- it works! Everyone go check your trackers if you haven't in awhile ;-)
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    Sara-- this is a great reminder, and I should probably do this, too--

    . . . the problem is that when I re-set my goal I lose the little countdown on the spark page that says that "you have lost X# pounds"-- and it is really silly, but I need to have that reminder that I am making progress (as if my pants sliding and gapping inappropriately all during my final today were not reminder enough: but while the gappy pants are obnoxious, the tracker is hope-inspiring. You know that you might need new pants when you actually think "these pants fit better last winter. maybe i should have a cupcake . . ." LOL)

    So. Do you have any advice and ideas about how to keep the lil' progress tracker going while readjusting goals?


    (P.S. I think I figured it out. . . and I changed my goal ticker a short-term goal-- which is awesome.. . Lots closer, now :)
    1991 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/16/2012 7:53:19 PM
    I'm a little anal retentive about making sure it is always accurate. I have been adjusting my goal date every week or every other week over the past few months. & I adjust my exercise based on the week I assume I will have.

    It's always good to remind people to check in once in a while though. Good Job!
    1995 days ago
  • EUEK098
    Updated mine recently, thanks for the reminder

    1996 days ago
    yes yes yes! its why i set such small goals on the tracker. when i reach one i update it!
    1996 days ago
    Any time I get too far behind the yellow line on my weight tracker I reassess my goals/trackers to make sure it's an actual reflection and get back on track even if it means reassessing my goal date. To be honest, I just did the opposite and committed to moving more so I could eat a little more too and not starve.
    1996 days ago
    Thanks for the reminder! Sometimes I just refuse to comet to the realization that i'm just not moving as much. emoticon
    1996 days ago
    This is a great reminder, thanks! I probably need to update one or the other. I did my goal date a while ago because I was losing more slowly, so I was showing up as way "behind" on the chart. I think I'll see how much I lose in December then update the date again.

    Mine is probably the opposite - I think now that I'm back in the swing of it I exercise MORE than the tracker thinks I do! I found that I'm losing faster now that I'm eating at the top of my calorie range, versus early November when I was trying to stay at the bottom.
    1996 days ago
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