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"Healthy" is a result rather than a goal

Friday, December 07, 2012

I live to eat. Who on earth would want to eat just to live? 4 cans of Ensure a day will do that. Ugh!! Anyone remember the 1964 World's Fair, when displays touted the day when we could just get our nutrition from pills and wouldn't need to eat at all? What's the fun in that?

BUT (and there's always a "but") I have selections every day and I don't necessarily choose them because they are "healthy". For example, I get 6 bread selections a day. Each bread selection is 3/4 oz dry rice or pasta or beans, or oz raw potato, or 1 oz bread (part of a long list). If I want my 1 oz of bread to be white bread, so what? Ever made garlic croutons out of whole wheat bread? They're awful. I want yummy and I only get one ounce, so it better be good. Over the course of a week or a month I eat plenty of different bread group choices, so "healthy" is pretty much taken care of when going for variety, and without my counting.

This morning I was making my husband's breakfast, and it included an apple and an orange. After I'd made his plate there was 1/4 of the apple still left, but I didn't eat that 1/4 of the apple. I only get 2 fruits a day, and I'd already had a banana (3 oz weighed with skin). That 1/4 apple would have been 1/2 a fruit (4 oz apple with skin and seeds=1 fruit). Even though it would have been "healthy", it would have left me with only 1/2 a fruit for the rest of the day. I don't get a pass just because the thoughtless thing I pop into my mouth is "healthy".

According to government regulations, you can take a bunch of vitamins that are found in strawberries, add artificial strawberry flavor, and while you can't call it a strawberry on the label, you can call it "as healthy as a strawberry". Really?????

When you revel in food, "good for you" better translate as "delicious". Fortunately, my weight loss and maintenance journey has melded "delicious" with "legal" (an old WW term that meant "On Plan"). While aiming for that glorious combination of fabulous and legal, "Healthy" just sort of emerged as an incidental result.
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