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Last Sundays Hike Part 2 (pics)

Friday, December 07, 2012

As I said in my previous blog, I hiked for 2 1/2 miles total on one trail but ran into a fence and so drove up Bear Mountain Road a little further until I started on another forest service road to follow. This hike started after the mountain area turned into a mesa a few miles down the road from where I started the first one. From the first part of the hike you can see more of the surrounding areas than the when more in the trees.

And of course nothing is flat around here so the road starts going downhill into a canyon area. Not too bad at first but will get more of an incline soon. Of course that means coming back it will be all uphill.

I come to a Y in the road. The left one would take me back up to the main road by a different road than the one I'm on, so I go straight.

The road gets rougher after the Y and starts going down hill more.

It gets more into the trees and harder to see the scenery in the distance than the flatter mesa area without so many trees. But I love trees so that's okay too. But still views at times.

Down in this area I met a man and son on an ATV, which is the best vehicle for this road now. They were coming up out of the canyon and looked like they were hunting.

Near the bottom of the canyon I see a solar powered windmill and tank

I was also startled to notice a man lying under a tree a little bit off to the side who looked like he might be taking a nap. I didn't want to disturb him and couldn't really see him closely. I continued on down the road to where it ran into a sandy wash very shortly.

The road kind of went to the right along the wash so I followed it some more.

Again I was very startled when I saw an older man down there standing and taking a brief rest. He said he was here with his friend who was the man I had passed taking a snooze. The friend had been hunting but this man was just along for company. He got restless though while his friend napped and he remembered an old homestead right down here that he had been to many years ago and he was looking for it. He knew the current owners lived out of state and the homestead had been abandoned. We were almost to a fence with a locked gate at that point.

I was going to stop there since it was locked, but this older gentleman said he never let that stop him and he climbed through the fence so I thought what the heck and I did too. As we had walked briefly he told me where he lived, which is ranching area about 30 miles west of SIlver City that I had lived in briefly when I was a kid and still went out or through that area fairly frequently. He said he was 77, and had a heart attack about 8 months ago and was just now getting to where he could get out and walk like this. I did notice that he stopped for a few minutes often to rest briefly, but otherwise seemed to be doing okay. My stepdad had spent many years in the area he lives in, and we talked about people I knew or knew of and things like that. The homestead was just a few hundred feet from where we crossed the fence. He also talked about the people who used to own it and what he had been there for a few times a long time ago when they still lived there. I think the last time he said he had been there was in 1969, and those people have since passed on.

This appeared to be an old garage maybe and storage area.

Old abandoned cars a little bit down from the garage

We can see the old house a little bit to the west of the garage in a fenced yard

The doors were falling off and open and we went inside. The first part looked more like a screened in porch and had a sink and a bed in it. Then there was a door inside to a one room that looked like maybe a sleeping room. That was all there was to it. It was made of logs with mud packed between them to seal it. It was very overgrown inside the screened in area.

Inside was kind of dark but there was the remains of a headboard and box spring on one side of the room an another box spring leaned against the wall on the other side.

Then we went outside and wandered around the yard and the corral a little bit. The weeds were high but there was evidence of paths through them that looked like people had been walking around down here beside just us.

The old rancher I was walking around with told me his name but I can't remember it now. But it was interesting talking to him and I very much enjoyed exploring the old homestead. There are some historic ones around here but most of them you can't go in the buildings and they have been cleaned up but preserved with historic signs also. Those are interesting but exploring around this one, in it's "raw" natural state and to be able to wander through it was very interesting and I'm glad I followed him through the fence. We left and I walked with him back to where he was going to go wake his friend up. We saw a deer doe as we got close. He was going to harrass his friend about sleeping and missing a deer right near where he was, since the friend was hunting. He was actually looking for a buck and not a doe but it was still something this man could tease his friend about. We parted ways and I hiked back up out of the canyon. The total hike was just over 3 1/2 miles, half of it uphill. I enjoyed the first hike I had done before driving to this spot, but I really enjoyed this one even more.

Hope you enjoy the scenery and the piece of history here. Who knows where the next hike (hopefully this weekend) will take me. Have a great day!

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