walking back in time

Friday, December 07, 2012

so, the challenge has been going well. i feel great walking/running every day - no matter how bad i am the rest of the day, i know that i will be traversing 5km. it may be slow, or in my flip flops, but it still happens!

it made me realize and google map something, though. when i lived in maastricht (the city in the netherlands where i studied), i walked everywhere. i had a bike, but i only used it when doing a big grocery shop (so that i could hang the heavy bags on the handlebars). most of the time, i'd walk to classes, walk to work, walk to the store, walk to my boyfriend's house, walk to parties/bars. i went onto googlemaps and checked how much i used to walk on a day that i had lectures in the one building, work in another, and then would swing by the store on my way to my boyfriend's place. approximately 2.2 miles or 3.5km. that would have been a sedentary day in my life there - i usually also met friends for lunch in another part of the city, or went to the movies, or went out with the boyfriend in the evening. that would have almost double the amount i would walk in a day. plus, i tried to get to the gym on top of all that!

so, by sticking to my 5km a day, i'm actually taking myself back to those days. i was young and fit then, and all i did was wander around the awesome student city (with cobblestones, which are fantastic for getting rid of cellulite). i am so happy to be doing this program... if i just lose the weight i've pick up since moving to south africa, i will be THRILLED!

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number of walks/runs completed: 4
number of walks/runs to go: 145
km travelled: 20

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