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Overdid things... (this is more of a diary or journal type entry....).

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Woke up and went for a walk. Kinda hard to start my FitBit and my MaPMyWalk app on the iPhone at the same time. Both agreed that I had walked basically 20 minutes, so, oh well, that's my "10 minute streak" for the day. One said I walked 17.8 mph and the other made up some random number about 20 mph. Maybe it was measuring only the very last part of the walk, rather than an overall average?

Had my bowl of oatmeal and later on a cup of coffee... read paper. Did some email.

Then I had to take a shower as I was running out of time and had to be one place at 11 am and then I was to meet my husband for lunch and then I'd go to the ENT doc for my audiology appointment.

Well... I usually wash my hair in the tub. (long story) Today I used the guys' shower and it was nasty! I put my swim shoes on to protect my feet from whatever cooties there since they don't clean up after themselves. Got my scrubbie brush and a bunch of soap and scrubbed the dickkens out of that tub. But it was hard - lots of bending down and back up and head between my knees practically and that just wore me out. Pretty soon, I felt this weird headache coming up behind my head over the top and the sides towards the front. Got on out of the shower and made it into my room to get dressed.... but was feeling ill. Just feeling odd...I must have overdid it in the tub, since I was scrubbing like a madwoman knowing that I really didn't have time but didn't want to do it later in the day, but still grossed that it was so dirty.

Got dressed, somehow drove myself to the first place to get the car worked on, had to take the back roads as I didn't feel like I was stable enough to drive on the freeway. I kept drinking water... felt like I needed to eat but also felt sort of queasy. I should have taken my blood sugar then but I don't know if that would have been good info...

Called my husband as he was basically across the street, and he came on over and then I debated whether to eat or to go get some aspirin or what. Decided I really wanted to eat since I had done quite a bit more exercise and with that cup of coffee that I don't usually eat before exercise (did you read the Spark article elsewhere in the Health news about not drinking caffeine before exercise?).

We went to eat lunch - I picked out a beef veggie soup and a chicken veggie salad. And water. I gradually started feeling some better but still just had that feeling like I'd been beaten all over.

My husband really needed to go back to work, but I had this 2 pm appointment and still felt cruddy so I asked if he could drive me there and be there with me. So he did (one of the huuuuuge blessings of being salaried and on flex time and well, just the corporate culture of the place he works for, plus he's been that career for 35+ years. Of course, now that I'm writing this, he's back at work so he's putting in his 8 hours just later in the evening!!!).

So we get there and we'd already rearranged our Flexible Spending so that starting in January we'd have Flex Spending funds for at least one of the two hearing aids... and so we just visited with the audiologist. I wasn't really sure why she wanted me to come back - maybe because we didn't have time to finish that discussion after the last session last week when I had the long audiogram session (which always tires me and wears me out and I don't know, maybe it's just always a hugely emotional experience for me, just so mentally and emotionally draining. I put up with a lot at various doctors - poked prodded, shots, mammograms, X-Rays, 2 years of braces, drill into my jaw to install the dental implants, MRI, caesarian section, spinal block, maybe not as many procedures as many people have had....but audiograms are the worst things for me to deal with! I guess there's some baggage in all that, but in any case, it is what it is.

So anyway today we're sitting around and she's kinda starting up her pitch a bit, trying to determine what she can and can't do, if a loaner is available, if we we have insurance now, whatever... and suddenly it dawns on her where my husband works and she says "Oh Wait!! We just got paid by your current insurance for a pair of hearing aids for this other guy at your office." See - we've got this insurance but effective January 1, our company is switching to a different health insurance company. I kept asking my husband what kind of coverage we had, and for him to give me the propaganda and listing of the insurance coverage details... so the past two years I never got this info out of him. And I think he was so pessimistic, he never would make the effort of looking it up (maybe he thought it would get my hopes up? We've had such horrible experiences in the past....).

Anyway, the way it stands now, maybe the insurance will cover it even though we're just about to run out of time. She's got a plan to contact the insurance company or have her insurance guru do it tomorrow . If they deny it, then back up plan B will be the Flex Spending starting in January, as she's pretty sure the new insurance company we are being switched to will be a step or two lower in quality (or extra frustration levels...depending on one's point of view, I guess.). As she put it, she didn't know exactly what benefits there were for the employees but as a provider, that company was really awful to work with....would deny claims for the most capricious reasons (joking that even the Pope would have problems dealing with this insurance company!)...

And of course, we don't get a choice as to keeping the previous insurance company, since they've evidently been "voted off the island" by the head poobahs and bean-counters. To quote some famous management expert, can't remember the name - "The beatings (floggings, whippings, etc) will continue until employee morale improves...."

Soooo I have these loaners... keep in mind, this isn't a quick fix. I'm still deaf. I am hearing a lot of "stuff" but not necessarily clearer speech... guess it's a learning process, so they say.

Right now, my Channukah album playing through blue tooth off my iPhone iPod is sounding really tinny and horrible...

I'm tired!!!

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    emoticon Just went thru getting donated hearing aide programed for my loss and a new ear mold--it is a very difficult time making the adjustment--like you said: what sound you do hear is horrible at first. Hope it gets easier for you! Good luck with the insurance company too--mine just denied what I had done as it was not done by my primary care provider (must check into this--he isn't qualified to do it!) and they claim I did not have a referral (which I most certainly did). Take care of yourself and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

    1992 days ago
    Rest up! Difficult decisions are always exhausting for me!
    1993 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    So sorry You had such a rough tough Day. I hope You are able to get a good night sleep and tomorrow will be better for You. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Day. Take Care. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1994 days ago
    (((((((HUGS)))))))) Our insurance starts on Jan. 1 with a new group. I anticipate LOTS of fun . . . NOT! Wishing you all the best.

    Had to laugh @ your comments that even the Pope would have difficulty dealing with insurance companies AND "The beatings (floggings, etc.) will continue til employee morale improves." YUP . . . that's how to do it for sure!
    1994 days ago
    It sounds like a very difficult day for you. Glad it's over? I bet you are. At least tomorrow is another day. emoticon
    1995 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your day. It is a blessing to have a good husband. HOpe the hearing aid situation comes together in your favor ASAP. You are a blessing with your family for getting to that tub! I don't like cleaning tubs myself.
    1995 days ago
    Good note
    1995 days ago
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